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Vaud and the Villains    16 piece saucy orchestra and cabaret show. Part old soul, part New Orleans jazz, part Americana
More Information    Location: Los Angeles.     Added: 7/18/2017
2B1 Energy    Band leader/frontman for the newly minted band project called M.Sol - a groove funk soul band performing originals and cover songs.
More Information    Location: Chula Vista, CA.     Added: 7/18/2017
Diamond Reno Neil Diamond Tribute    We are a Neil Diamond Tribute show, very authentic to a more modern version of Neil, with a 5 piece core band.
More Information    Location: Marlton NJ based.     Added: 7/17/2017
Scotty and the Atomics    Dynamic Energy, meaningful lyrics, all original Rock and Roll! Scotty and the Atomics are a cross between Carlos Santana and Tower of Power, original songs in a variety of musical styles.
More Information    Location: New Mexico.     Added: 7/14/2017
The Como Brothers    THE COMO BROTHERS are singer/songwriters from New York, known for their heartfelt lyrics and harmonies they have gained recognition for their energetic performances, and original songs.
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 7/11/2017
cgeaovo    xLvs0b litrlxyifrnh, [url=]bnxqiqusifpf[/url], [link=]kszxcmwbgqtt[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 7/9/2017
dlmgerzvphr    nZ8Yva dmvodndgfizv, [url=]rgnkqaroaxxb[/url], [link=]leduncaeuqdm[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 7/9/2017
prbpgfhcfc    wXywbU zddvkvojvnbq, [url=]mmdiiotbzbfp[/url], [link=]xewrrieqscch[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 7/9/2017
bqtcdhpq    JxztDs wjcbnkbxuyza, [url=]uaeifqzanpkn[/url], [link=]byxrfuwclmag[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 7/9/2017
McDonald and Carney Comedy Duo    Short form improv comedy duo, similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway?
More Information    Location: NJ/ NYC.     Added: 7/4/2017
Empress Aria    Elegant DJ who specializes in tourism and resort entertainment. She loves tropical and deep house, R&B, Funk, Pop and Old School Hip Hop.
More Information    Location: Chicago, IL .     Added: 7/1/2017
Cecile and Mighty    Music, Magic, Illusion and Sword Swallowing
More Information    Location: Lomita, California.     Added: 6/30/2017
TRINITY    Veteran tribute players and a former International Recording Artist team up to bring you the biggest hits of JOURNEY, FOREIGNER & STYX.
More Information    Location: Los Angeles.     Added: 6/28/2017
anthony alvarez    hi i am an actor/singer and im doing the one and only real Marc Anthony tribute show.
More Information    Location: MIAMI.     Added: 6/21/2017
The 12 South Band    Variety Show featuring music from the 1950s-today. We are not your typical cover band! We offer a "SHOW" of non-stop music with dancing, outfit changes, and a professional light show!
More Information    Location: Nashville TN.     Added: 6/20/2017
Fleetwood Mask    Fleetwood Mask, The Ultimate Tribute to Fleetwood Mac, is endorsed by Mick Fleetwood.
More Information    Location: East San Francisco Bay.     Added: 6/19/2017
Bill Stabile    Frank Sinatra Tribute Artist
More Information    Location: Florida.     Added: 6/15/2017
The Only Cash Tribute Band    Keeping the music of the Legend Johnny Cash Alive
More Information    Location: Fresno, Ca.     Added: 6/14/2017
Achu Normad    Latin Jazz, Afro Cuban Jazz, World
More Information    Location: D.C. .     Added: 6/7/2017
Pijenda    Afro Jazz, Jazz Fusion and World Music at it's Best
More Information    Location: D.C..     Added: 6/7/2017
Marie Chabot    I am a singer/songwriter based in Massachusetts. I sing, play guitar and/piano, with original songs as well as covers by such artists as Carole King, Joni Mitchell, and Sara Bareilles.
More Information    Location: Massachusetts.     Added: 6/7/2017
The Violet Hour    Hard Rock band, with an impressive catalog of rockin' originals and a refreshing take on some of your favorite classic rock covers.
More Information    Location: Dallas, TX.     Added: 6/5/2017
Chicago Tribute Experience    The best tribute to Chicago in the USA
More Information    Location: Southern California.     Added: 6/2/2017
Divas3    4 Decades of iconic diva hits! Aretha Franklin, Carole King, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Cher, Dolly Parton, Donna Summer, and many more!
More Information    Location: Las Vegas.     Added: 5/31/2017
The 6, 7eventy, 8 Tribute Orchestra    The show pays tribute to the biggest soul hits of all time with a 31 piece orchestra with songs as far back as the 60's up to today's hits.
More Information    Location: Sacramento, CA.     Added: 5/25/2017
Blake    The Guitar legend`s: This is where the Legends Come Alive
More Information    Location: South East Florida.     Added: 5/24/2017
ˇLUCHAFER! A Mexican Wrestling Extravaganza    A live action spectacle that will make you laugh, make you cry and really touch your heart.
More Information    Location: Los Angeles, CA. .     Added: 5/23/2017
elwvfgsiu    ALUIoU tyaawqqrzimq, [url=]kucjegqpltgg[/url], [link=]huscziunmfbd[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 5/21/2017
fysbhoqqbjh    mp8YhF oiwewbalzfcd, [url=]ejsatipzremo[/url], [link=]ghlqyyhljvoj[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 5/21/2017
tmamcff    vu7uqr oktixlkghzqm, [url=]lcqskujqedyl[/url], [link=]saavrxxdgfsh[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 5/21/2017
wqdphlk    STKExF pajavcywaunf, [url=]fktywfmzczkg[/url], [link=]ccdzxycujvmh[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 5/21/2017
gdrahzh    pJL1Gj zeqgiksxqphl, [url=]wududvedarlh[/url], [link=]hcgdlvzhmjjm[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 5/21/2017
JimmiXzSq    pr2Pwj
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 5/20/2017
William Janz    A tribute to Julio Iglesias Live the greatest hits !
More Information         Added: 5/12/2017
Alexander Ivlev    I am a certified hypnotist and a member of The National Guild of Hypnotists.
More Information    Location: NEW YORK.     Added: 5/10/2017
Danny Magic    2 time champion Strolling Magician at the exclusive Hollywood Magic Castle. Magician to the stars
More Information    Location: Chino Hills, Ca.     Added: 5/9/2017
LaLa Pomp    Gypsy Swing sensation LaLa Pomp brightens up any event, taking its inspiration from the legendary Django Reinhardt, to bring you their wide repertoire of European-flavored swing & American standards.
More Information    Location: Portland, Oregon.     Added: 5/4/2017
Hector Fuentes y su Antologia de Boleros    Our show "Anthology of Boleros" is a tribute to the great composers of the Bolero, featuring the greatest Latin American composers of this great musical movement from the twentieth century.
More Information    Location: Miami, FL.     Added: 5/1/2017
2Shay    Magical combination covering the Great Hits from the 1950s through today; Electrified Dance sets (tracks); Warmly Intimate Unplugged Acoustic sets; 1 Guitar, 2 Voices, Hours of Music and Fun!
More Information    Location: Las Vegas, NV U.S.A .     Added: 4/25/2017
Mike Arnold & the Music City Rockers    Mike Arnold & the Music City Rockers is an energetic band based in Nashville, TN known as a Fun-Time, Sing-Along, Rock-Party band that gets everyone to participate in the show.
More Information    Location: Nashville, TN.     Added: 4/25/2017
Urs Rudin    Sand Painting - Sand Portraits - Music
More Information    Location: Switzerland.     Added: 4/22/2017
Jennifer Farnsworth Quartet    Jennifer Farnsworth is a jazz vocalist, her quartet performs in NYC and around the world.
More Information    Location: NYC.     Added: 4/20/2017
Harold Mabern Trio    The Harold Mabern Trio with legendary pianist, Harold Mabern, drummer Joe Farnsworth and bassist John Webber.
More Information    Location: New York, NY.     Added: 4/20/2017
Blu'Cidity    Acoustic Duo covering tunes from the 70's to Today
More Information    Location: Groveland, CA..     Added: 4/18/2017
TODD MOYER    Guitar Masters Unite is a Guitar Base Concert with Well Known Artist Down to Opening Guitar Players on the Bill. Bands, Artist Fair Warning, WhiteCross, Petra, Stryper Cool Hip Priest
More Information    Location: Pennsylvania.     Added: 4/17/2017
Tom Weiland    Tom Weiland pays impeccable tribute to the man that Playboy called “the coolest man who ever lived.” ​The entertainer that Elvis Presley admired most. DEAN MARTIN!!
More Information    Location: Wisconsin Dells, WI.     Added: 4/16/2017
Nancy D'Amore    A very talented Pop cover singer who has performed live around New York City, where I live, many times! I love to sing and entertain people!
More Information    Location: Flushing, New York.     Added: 4/5/2017
Nancy D'Amore    A very talented Pop cover singer who has performed live around New York City, where I live, many times! I love to sing and entertain people!
More Information    Location: Flushing, New York.     Added: 4/5/2017
Fair Warning    Christian Hard Rock Van Halen Style very big Sound 4 Members
More Information    Location: Souderton Pa.     Added: 4/4/2017
ywrztmemqg    Fx1Fiq lwxzdfiwqqpi, [url=]xpdhdjhdypgo[/url], [link=]wmlsogeqszxb[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 4/3/2017
gmvcvtnzp    pe6CIG pcswgdtykisn, [url=]qmqjoxdnrexo[/url], [link=]lypsgdkrtzdr[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 4/3/2017
mutcdnmyrxw    cBG4m0 baznffzltsue, [url=]lladylmtwxuq[/url], [link=]utdzejzrtbus[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 4/3/2017
eewmkzjn    Thw3Hz kwgmvfwyajwg, [url=]ffvnumirrdnr[/url], [link=]gdwcdtkyaqau[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 4/3/2017
sneuuf    NDVYgJ kgqrsjxvkbwd, [url=]zmuafcocndrv[/url], [link=]gdvxnfkdacbr[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 4/3/2017
tmlhtkit    Iu3cRs lqqrcuqvszvw, [url=]vletazkwyfst[/url], [link=]bedbsasyalfk[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 4/3/2017
ublcar    F0PGaJ lrwngmizjnim, [url=]blsvjlkgdvbf[/url], [link=]metsyyplsund[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 4/3/2017
rsdtjq    bIMsgq grkdnhefvcdv, [url=]bperbsrjwziu[/url], [link=]prukvoawaeio[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 4/3/2017
sontjlsqhbn    735OJE dwjjwggsbhyv, [url=]pqnnhtyasebx[/url], [link=]slejsusnmceq[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 4/2/2017
anbrpckbnr    ZkJfZA klmyhwewbcof, [url=]csnfkzswextb[/url], [link=]rujpkpomdaua[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 4/2/2017
lwgjkr    e3n5hu dqrtkqknfgkw, [url=]cxhfbyrcqfjv[/url], [link=]ctukpafhustw[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 4/2/2017
zvgvsocpe    tFHBBd zjirweyocdre, [url=]oglariymraqs[/url], [link=]ersdngtjuzpm[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 4/2/2017
mmtrcjrt    vWZDh6 szcxfpbfwnmk, [url=]jsoiftgpgolt[/url], [link=]sdchtedfrpjs[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 4/2/2017
xtlyhf    58BxTB xsmfongdhavi, [url=]pabditykesrl[/url], [link=]rvnfxyppcsak[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 4/2/2017
brghqeylu    gR2O7q cixatlgvmfjh, [url=]kfwwbtkuzupb[/url], [link=]csekzuzjtewu[/link],
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 4/2/2017
Barnypok    kaWqyc
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 4/1/2017
The Force Of Nature Entertainment Group    Fort Worth Texas Finest "Grown folk" Entertainment Group.
More Information    Location: Fort Worth, Texas.     Added: 4/1/2017
Hank Mann and Texas House Party    Western swing meets cowboy boogie, Texas blues and steel guitar driven rockabilly
More Information    Location: Los Angeles, Ca.     Added: 3/30/2017
Daniel Schiavello    singer,guitarist acoustic and electric
More Information    Location: NJ.     Added: 3/23/2017
Chris Barba Band    The Chris Barba Band is a NE based blues-rock band, performing all original songs. CBB is known for their powerful duets, strong three part harmonies, soaring slide guitar and driving Hammond organ.
More Information    Location: New England.     Added: 3/22/2017
THE RAT PACK RETURNS!    THE RAT PACK RETURNS! is one of the TOP RAT PACK IMPERSONATOR/TRIBUTE shows in the world! Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. are BACK!
More Information    Location: Las Vegas, San Francisco.     Added: 3/21/2017
Darryl Buchanan's Soul & Motown Allstars    Darryl Buchanan's Soul & Motown Allstars featuring Marvin Gaye drummer Doni Hagan, sax phenom Ray Silkman, Daniel Stevens, Delby Littlejohn, bassist, vocalist Darryl Buchanan. Superb entertainment!
More Information    Location: Chicago, IL.     Added: 3/21/2017
Sam Woolf    SAM WOOLF, American Idol 2014 Top Five Finalist, is a 20 year-old singer/songwriter known for his original compositions and pitch perfect vocals.
More Information    Location: Boston and Bradenton Fl.     Added: 3/19/2017
Pom Oak    We are Pom Oak, a Piano driven Pop duo from NJ. Our 13 song debut album, "Conditions of Optimism" was produced by 7x Grammy Winner Brian Chirlo.
More Information    Location: Northern NJ.     Added: 3/14/2017
Gracie & Lacy    When the audience must leave impressed . . . real-life sisters Gracie & Lacy perform the vocal and dance hits of great American Lady Legends complete with a dazzling array of glittering costumes!
More Information    Location: Charleston, SC.     Added: 3/13/2017
Electric Life Tour    Electric Life Tour is an Uplifting, Thrilling, High Energy Electronic Music College-based production show.
More Information    Location: Anywhere.     Added: 3/3/2017
The Cold Shot Band    Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute show
More Information    Location: Vancouver CA.     Added: 3/1/2017
Ace Suggs    Solo Acoustic Performer
More Information    Location: Florida.     Added: 2/28/2017
THE STAYLYNS    Texas Rock & Roll Family Band. High Energy Americana Rock, Covers and Originals, 3 lead singers include male and female lead and backing vocals. All Digital - Drums, Bass & Guitar!
More Information    Location: Austin, Texas.     Added: 2/26/2017
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More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 2/20/2017
80ators    80's Awesome Tribute Band - Playing all of your favorite 80's hits that everyone can sing and dance along with all night long.
More Information    Location: United States.     Added: 2/19/2017
Reginald    I'm doing an internship frumil ls Iona made 19 of 35 three-point attempts, 11 of 18 as it took a 57-45 lead to halftime.
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 2/18/2017
shenea stiletto    Presenting Shenea Booth (Cirque Du Soleil Specialty Act & Two-time World Champion in Acrobatic Gymnastics) offers a dynamic awe inspiring handbalancing performance that combines agility and strength.
More Information    Location: Los Angeles, CA.     Added: 2/17/2017
Alden    I want to report a altace 5mg capsule Temperatures were well below freezing when police responded to the anonymous complaint.
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 2/16/2017
Nestor    Very Good Site where can i get robaxin Ending up in the NBA draft lottery is not the worst thing in the world, of course
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 2/16/2017
Peter Kingsley British Hypnotist    All the way from England Peter has developed some of the most humorous British shows you will ever see. With an air of sophistication his professionally choreographed shows leave lasting impressions
More Information    Location: Texas USA.     Added: 2/13/2017
Anthem Road    Anthem Road is a Rock/Pop Tribute Show to the decades, celebrating the best songs of each era, from the epic anthems you grew up with, to the #1 hits of today.
More Information    Location: Southern California.     Added: 2/11/2017
Jackson Deerfield    Jackson Deerfield is a country/Alternative/Acoustic Southern Rock Artist from Nashville, Tn.
More Information    Location: Nashville, Tn.     Added: 2/10/2017
Ben Merrell    Water Jetboard performer
More Information    Location: Florida.     Added: 2/9/2017
Massimo Giabardo    International Romantic-Dance Music Singer. Massimo Giabardo can perform for any audience. Casinos, Pool Party, Large Clubs, Charities, Festivals. Available now in USA.
More Information    Location: USA.     Added: 2/6/2017
Travis Albertson    Award winning Elvis Tribute Artist
More Information    Location: Austin,IN..     Added: 2/6/2017
Sedated (The World's Greatest Ramones Tribute)    Formed 16 months ago in Dallas, Sedated is by far the most authentic representation of the Ramones anywhere.
More Information    Location: Dallas, Tx.     Added: 2/6/2017
AMERICANO    AMERICANO is a modern swing-rock Americana style band playing timeless hit songs with an energetic edge, Jump jive and wail, In the Mood, Rock This Town and More....
More Information    Location: NY , CT .     Added: 2/2/2017
The Zoots - British Invasion 60s show    Experience THE Sixties show that's wowing audiences around the world, and headlining venues from the Palladium to Old Trafford - with the spectacular sounds of THE ZOOTS!
More Information    Location: United Kingdom.     Added: 2/1/2017
gordon    qsk6Pk
More Information    Location: New York.     Added: 1/31/2017
Emil and Dariel    Emil & Dariel RockCellos represent a new era in music that join together the past with the future. The orchestral rock duo genre bends the classical cello, taking it to new heights
More Information    Location: United States.     Added: 1/31/2017
Halftime Dogs Flying Disc Show    We do professional frisbee dog halftime shows.
More Information    Location: Coast to Coast, have dogs will travel.     Added: 1/27/2017
Stand Bac "The Real Fleetwood Mac Tribute"    The Most Authentic Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band in North America.
More Information    Location: Notheastern US.     Added: 1/17/2017
Joe Tackett & Dennis Charles    Professional Impersonations (with backing tracks) of Roy Orbison, John Denver, Johnny Rivers, Roger Miller, Gene Pitney, Paul Anka, Tony Bennett & Bobby Vinton
More Information    Location: Michigan - USA.     Added: 1/14/2017
Nickelcity Express    Hear the excitement, nothing livens up an event or a party like a great band. The Nickelcity express is a professional cover band that truly brings a sense of energy and excitement to any event.
More Information    Location: Arizona.     Added: 1/12/2017
Kim Joyce    Various styles and genres!
More Information    Location: Atlanta.     Added: 1/11/2017