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Dr. Rapp
Dr. Rapp captures audiences with his magnetic personality that is felt throughout the room from the moment he hits the stage. Dr. Rapp is no stranger to being in front of an audience, as he began performing as a child prodigy drummer who eventually continued to success as a drummer/performer for several #1 boy bands.

Dr. Rapp’s story is one of a hero’s journey; from being in teen machine magazine and the music business, to a major life changing decision to return to college and become a Chiropractor. After 17 years of running a successful practice, Dr. Rapp was blindsided, only to lose it all in a near-death experience that left him fighting every day for his life with a chronic disease.

Dr. Rapp shares what it takes to survive, adapt, reprogram and reprioritize what life throws at us. A sneak peek into Dr. Rapp’s life is sure to leave your audience with a memory, or at least a great laugh. With humor, humility, hope, and faith, Dr. Rapp transmits a truly powerful story that will inspire your audience to live life to its fullest.


Dr. Gerald Rappaport (aka Dr. Rapp) started life in the limelight as a prodigy drummer at age 5. His attorney, movie producer, tv syndicator and hotel developer father seemingly passed on his “golden touch” to his son; as the young Dr. Rapp (Pee Wee) went on to drum with several #1 Boy Bands, produce new music in his teens, and sign a deal with Atlantic Records by the age of 19. His life took a turn when on an un-resolving, instinctual feeling, moved to Georgia to satisfy the “Unknown” path. Dr. Rapp earned his sterling reputation as a highly effective Chiropractor despite the steep competition in Fort Lauderdale. Dr. Rapp treated his patient’s like family, unlike other offices were you felt like a number. You were sure to leave his office feeling better! In the later years of practice, a reality show pilot episode entitled “Dr. Cracked Up” was recorded about his life. A show about a wannabe standup comic by night and chiropractor by day. It hasn’t been all sunshine for Dr. Rapp, in the past few years, the sudden onset of strange symptoms escalated into a major life threatening event which landed him on life support. He lost everything. He became homeless. He tried to live in a van to get by, but with multiple emergency hospitalizations and a pandemic in our presence, Dr. Rapp closed his practice. It is with faith and hope, that Dr. Rapp works on getting healthy again, and finding the path to the next destination. He lives by the creed of his father’s words, and those of many, DO NOT QUIT! It would be his honor for the opportunity to share his story of earned wisdom, setbacks, and perseverance.

Location: miami

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