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Some of the Tribute Musicians available directly from Crazy Wolf Entertainment

Learning how to book tribute bands is no easy feat. Between finding reputable musicians, signing contracts and finalizing delivery times and loading specifications, chances are you'll wish you'd left the trouble up to someone else. At Crazy Wolf Entertainment, we handle all the details for you. Once you've chosen a tribute band, the rest of the details are up to us leaving you to manage the other aspects of your event.

A Resource for Musical Talent

You've stumbled across our website in your hunt for how to book tribute bands. As mediators for the event planning industry, we do not promote any one particular tribute musical group. We are a gateway between performers and you, our client. Our list of available artists is lengthy but encompasses all walks of entertainment, ensuring your event is exactly the way you imagined it.

Successful event planners know how to book tribute bands. Most of them utilize the services of a booking organization in order to prevent confusion, avoid scheduling errors and to guarantee talented artists for their attendees and guests. Rather than take on the tremendous burden of locating and interviewing countless tribute bands and musicians, consider the services of an entertainment mediator. In doing so, you alleviate all of the leg work but still come up with the same memorable result.

We Know How to Book tribute bands

Agents can help you find the perfect musical entertainment for your event around the date of your choice. Scheduling can be one of the most frustrating components to hiring musicians. Booking entertainment during peak seasons (holidays and summer months) tends to present challenges to many party planners as most well-known musicians have been previously booked. Before you settle on mediocre talent, contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment. Finding the perfect musical accompaniment to your event is our top priority.

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Earth Wind & Fire Tribute Band
The Earth, Wind & Fire Tribute Band is a talented and committed group of musicians and vocalists whose roots are in gospel music. They share a great love and appreciation for the style and musicianship of the premier band of the 70's, 80's and 90's Earth, Wind and Fire. Selling out venues globally, the grammy-award wininng band continues to record and perform for an endearing fan base......... still going strong for over four decades. The EWF Tribute Band is based in Maryland and actively supports its local community, performing at fund raisers, church events, and local historic venues such as the Howard Theater. The Tribute Band pays homage to one of the greatest bands of its era, bringing to life the magical R&B, funk and Jazz sounds that continue to inspire and influence even the contemporary entertainers of today. From the funky and "earthy" grooves, to the sophisticated and complex lyrics and orchestrations, the Earth Wind and Fire Tribute Band will continue to keep the music alive so that everyone will know that the elements...Earth, Wind and Fire, will live on forever!

peace of woodstock
peace of woodstock is a 90 minute show paying tribute to the 3 day event in 1969. everything from richie havens to jimi hendris...arlo guthrie to the who..sly and the family stone to santana..jefferson airplane to janis joplin!!

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Banana Pancakes
Banana Pancakes
Banana Pancakes is a tribute to the groovy stylings of Jack Johnson. Four pro players from NC have come together to recreate the hits of Jack, like Taylor, Better Together, Banana Pancakes, Staple it Together and many more. Relive all of your great memories of dates with your honey, fun parties and vacations with Banana Pancakes.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book BAD MAGIK
BAD MAGIK is a hard-hitting ALL-GODSMACK tribute based in Western New York. We bring all the excitement and thrills of a live Godsmack show to a club setting. Sure to impress the most critical of GODSMACK fans, Bad Magik packs a punch from start to finish with vocals, drums and guitars that are dead-on point with the original band! Visit our Facebook page,, or follow us on Twitter /@badmagikrocks.

Alan Moore Elvis Presley tribute act

Hello, let me introduce myself to those who have not yet met me. I am Alan Moore, I live in a small town in Derbyshire . I have been singing Elvis songs for as long as I can remember, being a massive fan I have sung along with Elvis as you do in the car or at work, so singing Elvis on stage is like second nature to me, I feel so at ease singing these great songs. I enjoy my caravan at the East Coast, which allows me to do a great deal of my Tribute work in and around Skegness and Mablethorpe at a very reasonable rate, due to the fact that I stay in my caravan overnight, hence no hotel bills !!! I enjoy going to see other artists not just Elvis, I love all types of music and visit the concert halls on a regular basis. I have a lovely dog, Clover a very nice Golden Retriever. We have two sons and a daughter with nine grandchildren.Thank you for reading this brief insight into our lives and hope to meet you all at various different venues and towns.

FOREIGNER UNAUTHORIZED IS THE "TOP" FOREIGNER TRIBUTE BAND IN THE U.S. delivering incredible vocals, incredible sound and an incredible show. Each musician is committed to providing as true a sound to the original FOREIGNER as possible, and the result is an experience that takes listeners back to times they cherish, while introducing a new generation to music they can love. The work of FOREIGNER UNAUTHORIZED in covering the FOREIGNER song book is in itself a tribute to the music and a commitment to listeners to have a fantastic experience hearing the group. FOREIGNER UNAUTHORIZED delivers in music, in vocals, showmanship and especially in passion a show not to be missed.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Banana Pancakes
Banana Pancakes
Banana Pancakes is a tribute to the groovy stylings of Jack Johnson. Four pro players from NC have come together to recreate the hits of Jack, like Taylor, Better Together, Banana Pancakes, Staple it Together and many more. Relive all of your great memories of dates with your honey, fun parties and vacations with Banana Pancakes.

Mick Adams and The Stones
Mick Adams and The Stones
Mick Adams and The Stones fully recreate The Rolling Stones concert experience live, covering all five decades complete with look alike performers, multiple costume changes, choreography and a full media show. We are an 8 piece band that uses no backing tracks. Mick Adams is the only Mick Jagger impersonator to be endorsed by Ryan Seacrest and Mark Cuban and has been featured twice on AXS TV's "The World's Greatest Tribute Bands". Mick has headlined at the Las Vegas Hilton, The Fremont Street Experience, The Cannery Casino, Texas Station Casino, various House of Blues, La Mirada Theatre, The Grove of Anaheim, The Universal Anphitheater and the Gexa Energy Pavillion to name a few.

Ed Kelleher as Toby Keith
Ed Kelleher as Toby Keith
Hi ,This is Ed Kelleher .I am a Toby Keith Impersonator and performer from Va.Beach,Va.. I have been In the Music field for 30 + years My promo package is on . my website in and i also have a number of video's on youtube. If you think you can use my services you can reach me at or 757-651-3529 Thank you very much Ed

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Rad Company
Rad Company
Rad Company is not your typical tribute band in the sense that all of its members have professional recording, touring, & performing experience. Rad Company is vocalist Randy Scoles (toured with Ronnie Montrose & Frank Hannon Bands), guitarist Rowan Robertson (toured with Dio, DC4), Bassist Dan McNay (toured with Tesla, Montrose), & Drummer Lez Warner (toured with The Cult, Julian Lennon, Waterboys).

Rad Company was born out of love & appreciation for Bad Company's amazing songwriting, hit songs ,melodies, & performing impeccable shows like a true rock band should. We are professionals, & we bring it! Simply put, if you love Bad Company...... we will definitely deliver the goods.

Rad Company is the ultimate Bad Company Tribute band.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Henry Prego

Frank Sinatra Tribute show - Henry Prego
Henry Prego
The critically acclaimed international star of Londons West End Olivier nominated (Broadway) Hit, The Rat Pack Live From Las Vegas, and Las Vegas' The Rat Pack Is Back at the legendary Sahara Hotel. Henry Prego has starred in the role of Frank Sinatra to rave reviews world wide. In his new show Henry Prego Sings Frank Sinatra, Prego will take you back to the day's of Sinatra at the Sands Copa room as he leads you through his personal journey as an actor and entertainer, performing ever changing selections from the great american songbook of the one and only Frank Sinatra.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book TOTALLY TOM PETTY HOSTS THE WOMEN OF ROCK
Get ready for a night of truly Great entertainment with a Specialty Multi-Tribute Act: TOTALLY TOM PETTY HOSTS THE WOMEN OF ROCK from Canada. Totally Tom Petty (played by Phil Dunget of Vancouver BC) and his high-caliber band are hosting 4 famous Women Rockers doing their famous hits in between giant Tom Petty songs. Pat Benatar, Stevie Nicks, Blondie and Chrissie Hynde are all played by Linda Maze (original artist at The show is a riot from start to finish! 1-778-834-4894

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book The Foo

Promotional Video
The Foo
The Foo Tribute is based in Phoenix, Arizona. They strive for "suspending disbelief", bringing audience members the most authentic Foo Fighters experience without actually seeing the Foo Fighters themselves.The Foo Tribute was established in 2012 with a mission- to give music lovers of all ages from around the world the most authentic, energetic, and fun filled Foo Fighters live experience at anytime, anywhere, and on any stage. Whether it's a small club or huge festival, The Foo strives to perform at top level, while celebrating one of the most beloved and popular rock bands of the last two decades. The members are fans first, and above all, show their respect and admiration for Foo Fighters by working diligently on every song. This admiration and diligence, coupled with many professional years in the industry, provide the backbone to the bands professional look, sound, and stage presence. Whether booking for a small club, private function, large venue, or festival, The Foo has the music and instrumentation to fit any bill. You will find working with The Foo to be a pleasurable and memorable experience.

Jessica - The Dreams Live @ Glej
The Dreams - Allman Brothers Tribute Band
The Dreams: Andrej Vengust - Ači, vocals, harmonica, Gašper Peršl, drums, Sergej Ranđelović - Runjoe, drums, Jure Lopatič, bass, Mitja Kavčič, hammond, Luka Vehar, Boštjan Zorc, Vili Grdadolnik, guitars

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book ABBA BORN AGAIN
ABBA BORN AGAIN was founded in 1999. The band is composed of 6 members, base assembly plus bass guitar and drums. The band is over 15 years in ABBA tribute business. The band performs mostly abroad - The Balearic islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza), Andalucía, The Canary Islands, Czech republic, Poland, Hungarty and of course Slovakia. The band performs live accompanied by great musicians and singers.ABBA BORN AGAIN is not trying to imitate the original ABBA, but to create the illusion of a live concert of ABBA. The concert last almost 2 hours, of course, it is possible to edit the playlist and the lenght of the concert according to customer requirements. Great vocal performances, fantastic choreography, the authentic costumes and dynamically built the structure of the show will guarantee that no one will sit during performances, everyone will sing and dance. Amazing live show full of unforgettable hits of ABBA! Absolutely faithful live performance will get you! You will have the feeling that you´re on live performances of the group ABBA, exactly as in the seventies. Such is the live music concert with ABBA BORN AGAIN. You will see a number of costumes, perfect dance creations and you will want to dance and sing. All the hits, in fact, you know very well. This is no ordinary concert! This is live ABBA illusion !!! You have to experience it! Suitable as well for the concert stages, theatres, as well as private an corporate parties!


We have 7 tribute artist from Woodstock all on stage at the same time, performing & sharing the best tunes from that magical time of 1969. Its a cool lineup including Janis Joplin, Carlos Santana, David Crosby, Grace Slick, Paul Butterfield, Ian Anderson & Keith Moon. Kick back & relive the greatest rock concert of all time...WOODSTOCK

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Double Vision
Double Vision
Double Vision, the Foreigner Tribute, delivers the power and passion of some of the best known and beloved music of our time. Six world class musicians collectively bring the experience of a vintage Foreigner to life once again for those who missed and those who miss it.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Faceless - a tribute to Godsmack
Faceless - a tribute to Godsmack
Formed in early 2008, faceless has become one of the most authentic sounding tributes to Godsmack in the nation. The band was endorsed by drummer "Shannon Larkin" of Godsmack in 2010. The band has continued to expand their fan base as well as there song library. We work extremely hard to recreate that heavy and high energy live show atmosphere that Godsmack is so well known for.

Jim Anderson & the Rebels
This performance group is like no other. With never a single complaint, this five piece group continues to sell out concert venues and theaters everywhere. Very crowd pleasing and oriented. There are no jumpsuita, black wigs, fake sideburns or spray tans. This is an Authentic Tribute to Elvis and His Music.

Landslide is an authentic Fleetwood Mac Tribute band, from the costumes, sound, and lighting to the superb musicianship! Experience the vibe,the mystery, and the essence of Landslide!

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