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Some of the Tribute Musicians available directly from Crazy Wolf Entertainment

Learning how to book tribute bands is no easy feat. Between finding reputable musicians, signing contracts and finalizing delivery times and loading specifications, chances are you'll wish you'd left the trouble up to someone else. At Crazy Wolf Entertainment, we handle all the details for you. Once you've chosen a tribute band, the rest of the details are up to us leaving you to manage the other aspects of your event.

A Resource for Musical Talent

You've stumbled across our website in your hunt for how to book tribute bands. As mediators for the event planning industry, we do not promote any one particular tribute musical group. We are a gateway between performers and you, our client. Our list of available artists is lengthy but encompasses all walks of entertainment, ensuring your event is exactly the way you imagined it.

Successful event planners know how to book tribute bands. Most of them utilize the services of a booking organization in order to prevent confusion, avoid scheduling errors and to guarantee talented artists for their attendees and guests. Rather than take on the tremendous burden of locating and interviewing countless tribute bands and musicians, consider the services of an entertainment mediator. In doing so, you alleviate all of the leg work but still come up with the same memorable result.

We Know How to Book tribute bands

Agents can help you find the perfect musical entertainment for your event around the date of your choice. Scheduling can be one of the most frustrating components to hiring musicians. Booking entertainment during peak seasons (holidays and summer months) tends to present challenges to many party planners as most well-known musicians have been previously booked. Before you settle on mediocre talent, contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment. Finding the perfect musical accompaniment to your event is our top priority.

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Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Alphonse sings Smokey Robinson
Alphonse sings Smokey Robinson
While on stage, Alphonse carries the legend as he enlightens the audience. Being a part of Alphonse's audience is equivalent to being invited to a Smokey Robinson concert when you hear him sing.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Bridges To Quadrophenia
Bridges To Quadrophenia
Bridges To Quadrophenia is five extraordinary and talented musicians who each have been perfecting their craft in clubs and theaters for decades. The musicanship and attention to detail and authentic interpretation of both bands is absolutely stunning and really needs to be seen and heard. Understanding that playing in a tribute act, we felt it was just as important to dive deep into the albums of both bands to deliver the deep cuts loyal fans would want to hear. As well as the standard bombshell hits that one would expect to hear at a Stones or Who show. Bridges To Quadrophenia provides a chance for fans of The Rolling Stones and The Who to hear this great music performed live, either for the loyal fan who has seen the original act over and over; or for the fan hearing these songs performed live for the first time.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book PATRICK PERONE

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Hey You (A Tribute To Pink Floyd)
Hey You (A Tribute To Pink Floyd)
Hey You (A Tribute To Pink Floyd) was born in late 2006. We attempt to recreate the experimental feeling Pink Floyd had with their music as well as their approach to a stage show. No band pushed the limits of live performance like Pink Floyd did and we feel it is our job to bring that experimental feeling back to the stage to go along with the best music ever created. We offer faithful musical recreations of Pink Floyd songs along with a visual experience that we hope our audience will never forget.

Whether we are trying to make it look like the audience is underwater, or bathing the audience in brilliant white light, Hey You will continue to pursue the outer limits of performance art in the spirit of Pink Floyd and, along the way, we hope to entertain our audience with not only the popular songs that they know so well but also with musical pieces that many people may have never heard but we hope enjoy just the same. We continually try and find that delicate balance between what an audience expects and what an audience never saw coming and as we play more shows and continue to push that envelope we are certain that any Pink Floyd fan will appreciate and enjoy the ride.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Mellow Yellow
Mellow Yellow
Mellow Yellow pays tribute to '60s psychedelia with truly authentic renditions of some of the genre's greatest songs. While other tribute bands just play the music, Mellow Yellow goes the extra mile to capture all the hey-man-peace-and-love-grooviness of the songs that helped define a decade.

This attention to the essence of the music – as well as dazzling arrangements, outrageous costumes and trippy video visuals – results in not just a show, but a full-on, far-out experience of an era gone by.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Hot Hits Orchestra Tribute to Roy Orbison
Hot Hits Orchestra Tribute to Roy Orbison
Modeled after the Black and White Nights concert, Hot Hits Orchestra, and 11 piece pop/rock orchestra features Wayne Luchau in an unforgettable production tribute to Roy Orbison. The group consists of 5 piece rhythm section, 3 female backup vocals, 3 violins, and premier vocalist Wayne Luchau.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Miracle Drug - The U2 Show

Miracle Drug - The U2 Show
Rarely do the stars align so perfectly in the world of Rock & Roll... When the right ingredients are added to anything, a very special product is produced. This is the case for the U2 tribute band known as “Miracle Drug: The U2 Show.” This band consists of four solid players from the New England music arena who have been nested in the local rock scene for years in various configurations. Through some sort of strange karma, these four veteran musicians found each other and now provide a credible U2 tribute band that not only have the sound down, but they have the good fortune of all being able to convincingly resemble each of their counterparts in U2.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book BRITISH INVASIONS

This concert is divided into 10 15 minute segments that feature the music of some of the best-known songs released by each artist. With over 20 costume changes, two lead singers and audiovisual commentary between each act, the transition from one artist to the next is seamless and is sure to leave any audience awestruck.

Our full-length show consists of two 75 minute sets. However, to accommodate the various needs of our diversified clientele, we are pleased to modify our repertoire to lengthen or shorten the time devoted to each artist. You will find samples of our work by clicking on the artist's photo on left. We invite you to join us as we re-live some of the greatest moments in musical history.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Parrotbeach

Jimmy bufftett Tribute band doing the best of Buffett and island music Remy St. Martin vocals, guitar, Hurricane keys, island sounds, vocals Jah bass, vocals, inspiration Spider Jon drums, percussion, vocals Mark James guitar, vocals The most exciting show to, hit the circuit in years. Clubs, parties, fairs, festivals, major corporate events. Formerly kown as Parrotville, PARROTBEACH will have you singing, laughing, and dancing in the streets. Whether you're a Parrothead or just a beach lover, bring the children bring the wife you'll be in for the time of your life. They will bring the season with them. Doing the best ofJimmy Buffett along with your all time favorite island tunes, Parrotbeach will take you back to that unforgettable island vacation. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, all you got to do is call, PARROTBEACH will make it happen! Parrotbeach is one of the few full time Buffett bands. They have been together for approximately 10 years, they met while playing in local club and original bands. The members of Parrotbeach hail from across our great nation, giving their sound a variation of musical influences. From Florida to Virginia, Hawaii to N.YC. Parrotbeach has the feel. People always ask "How did they get those unusual names? " It's very quite simple Remy St. Martin vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion was named after his father's favorite drink. Jah bass guitar, vocals the spiritual leader of the band, was given his name by Remy, who thought it had something to do with a ancient Egyptian Ruler ( Rah, you knuckle head). Hurricane keyboards, vocals acquired his name after many months at sea ( during his cruise circuit ), he would sit at his piano playing during the worst part of a hurricane and not stop until it was over. "A very strange human being " says Remy. Mark James guitar, vocals. The man of many names Everlasting Moonie "studied with Rev Moon almost quit music to join a commune in San Francisco". Hamster "used to send hamsters up in rockets" Jolly Mon " never stops smiling. Havana James " lived in Cuba when he was young ,still personal friends with Che Chavara and Fiedel Castro" Spider Jon drums, vocals, percussion got his nickname while growing up in South America. He was biten by three of the most poisonous spiders known to the region and live to tell about it. Altogether Parrotbeach has over 107 years of musical experience from live performances to the art of studio recording, Parrotbeach always comes prepared. If you have ever seen them in concert, you would agree, these guys love their music. Come along on their musical journey through wind, sands and sea. You'll never forget that vacation. So join them now MON and you will always remember the magic . Grab your FINS, bring your Boat Drinks, eat your CHEESEBURGER, change your whole attitude and latitude Parrotville will take you to a PARROTDISE right here on EARTH !!! YOUR ULTIMATE VACATION DESTINATION.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Key West Trio
Key West Trio
When Jimmy Buffett isn't available, the next best thing can only be a live performance by KEY WEST TRIO! KWT, a power trio that on occasion adds a guest guitarist 4th member, is best described as "three guys that sound like a 12-piece band" by Brad Davis, noted Hartford, Conn. radio and TV show personality. With their trademark "Tropical Island Flavored Pop Music," KWT performs the music of Jimmy Buffett including Margaritaville, Cheeseburger in Paradise and Coconut Telegraph, and hits by The Beach Boys including California Girls, Kokomo and Sail On Sailor, as well as selected danceable Oldies. Their own hits include I'm On Island Time, Back on Block Island, BOHICA and Blue Sky. KWT has entertained thousands at clubs on Block Island and Nantucket; at Foxwoods Casino in Ledyard CT; at boating rendezvous for Viking Yachts, Sea Ray, Silverton, Luhrs and Mainship; at corporate events for Raytheon, Subway, RAM Technologies, Ivy Biomedical, World Gym, the GHO golf tournament and McPhee Electric and more; at "Jimmy Buffett Night" at the Beast of New Haven (CT) hockey team, the New Haven (CT) Ravens baseball team, the Lowell (MA) Lock Monsters hockey team; the Lowell (MA) Spinners baseball team, Manchester NH Fisher Cats and Bridgeport (CT) Bluefish All-Star Game; at yacht, beach and country clubs throughout the Northeast; and at numerous town concerts throughout New England. They also endorse several charities for which they raise money, including the Alzheimer's Association, the Connecticut Food Bank, Make-A-Wish Foundation and Hackers for Hope Against Cancer. They have enjoyed sponsorship in part from Margaritaville Tequila and Nantucket Nectars. KWT has entertained loyal parrotheads in the Parrot Head Club Tent pre-show party at Jimmy Buffett's Meadows concerts in Hartford. They also opened for Loretta Lynn at the Durham Fair. During their musical careers, they've also opened for Dion, Gene Pitney, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Byrds, Lovin' Spoonful, Rascals, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Chad and Jeremy, Chubby Checker, Peter and Gordon, Leslie Gore, The Righteous Brothers, Simon and Garfunkel and The Critters in venues throughout the Northeast. Read more by visiting the KWT website. Live! Love! Laugh! Play! Eat! Drink! Sing! Dance!

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Conch Republic

Flip Flops & Bottle Tops
Drivin' Down To The Keys
Conch Republic
Countless tales abound surrounding the formation of the musical pirates known as the Conch Republic; tales of treachery, debauchery, mayhem and controlled insanity. Hailing from the Port of Indecision, just South of Insanity, the Conch Republic turns every event into a little bit o' Margaritaville! But ye be warned, the Conch Republic is not for the timid and faint-of-heart. The Conch Republic is for the young and young-at-heart, wanting to let their inner-Parrothead/Pirate/Landshark, etc... come out to play. So keep a weather eye open mates, and hold on tight. Thar be squalls ahead and guilty pleasures for all! Conch Republic is based out of Lexington, KY.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Diamond Is Forever!   The Neil Diamond Experience

Diamond Is Forever! The Neil Diamond Experience
DIAMOND IS FOREVER! David J. Sherry David Sherry is best known for his impression of the pop icon, Neil Diamond, with his inspired tribute show, DIAMOND IS FOREVER! David began his professional entertainment career at the age of 16 playing in a folk group and performing in musical theater while studying and living on the Mediterranean Island of Malta where he appeared at the Dragonara Palace Casino and other entertainment venues. There he appeared in numerous productions in both musical and dramatic roles.

At age 17 he appeared in a European production of the rock opera "Jesus Christ Superstar," in the supporting lead role of Judas Iscariot. David's voice and talent did not go unnoticed by the local press and his time in Europe brought many firsts ranging from appearing on both television and radio to singing and performing on the stage of the oldest standing operational theater in Europe, The Manoel Theatre in Valletta, Malta. Here David performed his first Diamond song "Sweet Caroline," live along with the Elvis classic, "Blue Suede Shoes." David toured and performed in Europe for over 7 years, visiting and residing in such exotic locations as Malta, Italy, Sicily, Portugal, England and Tunisia in Northern Africa before returning to the United States.Back in the United States David's professional experience included many years as a renowned professional MC, disc jockey, vocalist, entertainer and show producer and, in more recent years, he made his mark on the West Coast as manager and promoter of the 12-piece B!G DADDY ORCHESTRA, nominated "Best Big Band" at the "San Diego Music Awards" for two consecutive years. Notable also was the success of his musical production, A TRIBUTE TO THE STARS!, staged at numerous venues including The California Center for the Arts, Escondido, The La Costa Resort, Hotel Del Coronado and with much acclaim at Lawrence Welk Resort Theater. This lead to David performing Diamond songs live on a TV morning show in San Diego. "For a while, when I was in school, music was my life. I don't think that I would have made it if not for music. I bought records constantly and had a transistor radio glued to my ear. Later I bought my first guitar and lugged it with me everywhere. My favorites and biggest influences were The Beatles, Elvis and Neil Diamond. They were like my big brothers--cool, long-haired demigods. But I especially related to Neil's lyrics." Seeing Diamond in concert inspired David to follow his dreams of working in entertainment. "I knew a lot of guys in the 50's who dreamed of bein' the King--being Elvis--but I was a 60's kid and I wanted to be like Neil Diamond! He was the cool guy to me--to my era. I still have an old black and white photo of myself singing at a theater in Europe in 1973. I was 16 and I'm surprised now to see that I looked so much like Diamond did at that time! My hair is the same. So are my clothes: a shirt with a big collar and puffy sleeves, a fringed vest, bell-bottomed pants and boots! Seems I was one of the original Neil Diamond look-alikes before they ever existed. But I was really just being me, young and alive in the 70's.

Neil taught me to dream and I dreamed of being an actor, a singer, an entertainer and, sometimes in my wildest dreams, I dreamed of being Neil Diamond! That dream in many ways has became a reality with DIAMOND IS FOREVER!, my tribute to the Sound, Style and Feel of the phenomenal pop icon, Neil Diamond."

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Elvis II On Tour
Elvis II On Tour
Elvis II is a very unique performer, offers the excitement and energy that the fans have always loved about Elvis. Elvis II has been interviewed on Channel 9 New and FOX 4 in Kansas City Missouri and was featured on the front page in the Sun Tribute Clay County Missouri News Paper, he will also be featured in the Clay County Magazine this November 2008.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book
"Long Run"
The harmonies and impeccable guitar work makes this tribute as close to the real thing as possible. Close your eyes and you feel like you are listening to The Eagles live! Nothing was overlooked in putting together the sound that made the Eagles one of longest lasting bands of our American rock culture.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book ANTHONY AQUARIUS MYSTERY

Anthony Aquarius Mystery captures the Essence of the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Anthony, the lead of this three piece-ensemble has distinguished himself with his electrified "Rock" as well as playing left handed. His original music has been said to start where Jimi left off. His repertoire includes all hendrix Tunes. Anthony Aquarius is an exact replica of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, sound as well as look.

ANTHONY AQUARIUS MYSTERY A Jimi Hendrix Experience Performance Artist * Guitarist * Vocalist ANTHONY AQUARIUS Date of Birth: February 8 Place of Birth: Youngstown, Ohio Height: 5' 11" Eyes: Brown Weight: 155 lbs Hair: Black

Films: Role: Produced By: "Jimi" A Musical Film Fantasy Jimi Hendrix Joy Productions Phoenix, AZ The making of "Jimi" Jimi Hendrix HBO "Special" Three Umbrellas in Central Park Jimi Hendrix Gideon, NYU Last Stop Before the Train Jimi Hendrix Jerome Preston Bates, NY

Theatre: Women in the Life of Hendrix Jimi Hendrix Barefoot Ballroom Off Broadway, NY Recordings: Soundtrack "Jimi" Joy Productions Phoenix, AZ Anthony Aquarius & The Shrangra-La Band Zurich, Switzerland Live at the Hartley Atlanta, GA Anthony Aquarius Mystery "Nocturnal Visit" Youngstown, OH

Interviews: Source: Entertainment Tonight Television Pheonix, AZ Straight Ahead Magazine Magazine New York, NY The Village Voice Newspaper New York, NY WRBP Radio Youngstown, OH

Performances: Los Angeles: Ohio: Long Beach Naval Academy Cleveland Stadium The Hollywood Argyle Clevland Convocation Center The Butterfly Club Cafaro Field Stadium "Budweiser" Frogs Northeast Ohio Circuit Tour New York: Bond Street Cafe Kenny's Cast-A-Ways Sun Mountain Cafe The Speakeasy Cafe Wha Washington Square The Village Gate Flannerys

Anthony Aquarius Mystery captures the Essence of The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Anthony, the lead of this three-piece ensemble has distinguished himself with his electrified "Rock" as well as playing left handed. His original music has been said to start where Jimi left off. His repertoire includes all Hendrix and classic songs from the Sixties and Motown.He embraces songs by Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn.


Cheap SunglasseZZ
Cheap SunglasseZZ, That Little Ol' Band from New York City, puts the pedal to the metal and delivers a high-octane tribute to ZZ Top, as they perform the best and the rest of the ZZ Top songbook, from MTV-era staples like Gimme All Your Lovin', Sharp Dressed Man, and Legs, to fan favorites such as Cheap Sunglasses, La Grange, and Tush. Performing in full costume, complete with beards and choreographed moves, Cheap SunglasseZZ promises to deliver a hard rocking show that would do Billy, Dusty, and Frank proud.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book LIVE WIRE (AC/DC TRIBUTE)
LIVE WIRE is the world's definitive AC/DC Tribute show, emulating the power and energy of a true AC/DC concert. The band has performed on 3 different continents around the globe, has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning news with only a handful of the best tribute shows in the country, and are backed by Sonymusic (AC/DC's label) to help promote album sales for the band. LIVE WIRE is available for all types of events WORLDWIDE.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Parrotbeach
Jimmy bufftett Tribute band doing the best of Buffett and island music

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Hot Hits Orchestra Tribute to Roy Orbison
Hot Hits Orchestra Tribute to Roy Orbison
Modeled after the Black and White Nights concert, Hot Hits Orchestra, and 11 piece pop/rock orchestra features Wayne Luchau in an unforgettable production tribute to Roy Orbison. The group consists of 5 piece rhythm section, 3 female backup vocals, 3 violins, and premier vocalist Wayne Luchau.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Caress of Steel
Caress of Steel
Everyone who comes out to see a Rush tribute wonders,

“Can the drummer pull it off?”

“Can this guy sing and play like Geddy?”

“Will they sound anything close to Rush?”

Caress of Steel can and does.

Founder & backbone of Caress of Steel, Brian (Almost Lifeson)

Montrey like Alex, is the dynamic and textural foundation upon which the

rest of the band can lie. Animated stage presence and inspiring guitar work

define Brian as the consummate professional. Gibson guitars and Marshall

amplification are in perfect context with the 1979-82 era portrayed in a

Caress of Steel show. Always entertaining, it’s easy to see which member

of this band is having the most fun.

Patrick (Scary Lee) McGrath is the world’s closest thing to a

Geddy clone. World-Class bass guitar skill, keyboard dabbling, and

dizzying vocal range add up to a very similar resume. Old school sounds

driven by modern technology help to perfectly recreate the lush

atmospheres and raw edges so brilliantly merged and manipulated by

Geddy, now by Patrick with legendary Rickenbacker bass and virtual

Moog synthesizers.

Performing some of rock’s most intricate and difficult drum parts is

no small feat, and Michael (Near Peart) Johnson does not take his

role lightly. As the concert begins, Michael is focused and intense in his

depiction. Even before the band steps on stage, his presence is felt and

his dedication is obvious just looking at the massive drum kit. Drums,

glockenspiel, woodblocks, chimes, cowbells…it’s all there. The years of

study become readily apparent as Michael executes one of

“The Professor’s” classic solos, taking the realism of the show to

the next level. -

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