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Some of the Tribute Musicians available directly from Crazy Wolf Entertainment

Learning how to book tribute bands is no easy feat. Between finding reputable musicians, signing contracts and finalizing delivery times and loading specifications, chances are you'll wish you'd left the trouble up to someone else. At Crazy Wolf Entertainment, we handle all the details for you. Once you've chosen a tribute band, the rest of the details are up to us leaving you to manage the other aspects of your event.

A Resource for Musical Talent

You've stumbled across our website in your hunt for how to book tribute bands. As mediators for the event planning industry, we do not promote any one particular tribute musical group. We are a gateway between performers and you, our client. Our list of available artists is lengthy but encompasses all walks of entertainment, ensuring your event is exactly the way you imagined it.

Successful event planners know how to book tribute bands. Most of them utilize the services of a booking organization in order to prevent confusion, avoid scheduling errors and to guarantee talented artists for their attendees and guests. Rather than take on the tremendous burden of locating and interviewing countless tribute bands and musicians, consider the services of an entertainment mediator. In doing so, you alleviate all of the leg work but still come up with the same memorable result.

We Know How to Book tribute bands

Agents can help you find the perfect musical entertainment for your event around the date of your choice. Scheduling can be one of the most frustrating components to hiring musicians. Booking entertainment during peak seasons (holidays and summer months) tends to present challenges to many party planners as most well-known musicians have been previously booked. Before you settle on mediocre talent, contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment. Finding the perfect musical accompaniment to your event is our top priority.

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Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Turnstiles A tribute To Billy Joel

Turnstiles A tribute To Billy Joel
Turnstiles Debut Show from Pineapple Groove
Turnstiles A tribute To Billy Joel

TONY MONACO- Piano, Lead vocals

Tony was born into a musical family and began his musical journey at the age of 8. While he was fascinated with the piano, the guitar was a more realistic financial option. As a result, Tony studied guitar with his Father, Pat Monaco, and played it as his main instrument until the age of 13, winning both regional and national guitar competitions.

Over the years, his love for keyboards was rekindled when he fell in love with the Hammond organ which eventually led him back to his first love, the piano. He studied piano with many private teachers but credits Dave Frank (world renowned jazz pianist) for really focusing his efforts. As a result, many of his influences were jazz artists. However, when a close friend suggested he listen to more artists like Billy Joel, he reluctantly did so and to his surprise, he became enamored with the genius of Billy Joel. Billy’s piano style was one that Tony not only found inspiring, but also easier to relate what he learned from emulating Billy’s licks and listening to his lyrics to his efforts as an aspiring singer-songwriter with his own band, Thrills (As a member of Thrills, Tony did extensive recording and touring, opening for bands such as Foreigner, Quarterflash, Nick Lowe, Juice Newton, and Orleans). In the years following, Tony played with many of Long Island’s top bands and then in 1993, he formed what he believes was one of the first tributes to the piano man, “Stormfront”, which earned him an audition for the traveling production of the Broadway show, “Movin’ Out”.

Now residing in South Florida, Tony has decided to once again pay tribute to the music and man that has been such an influence in his musical life. In addition, with the formation of “Turnstiles”, he has been reunited with his life long friend and former band mate from Thrills, Dave Fullerton. Dave along with both new and old friends has now joined forces with Tony to bring this band to life for all Billy Joel fans to enjoy!

The Perfect Tool
The Perfect Tool
In June 1999, drummer Steve Kilroy first started working with guitarist Dave Eve in London with 'Gods Little Joke' when he engineered tracks for the 2003 'Revolver Records' release 'A moment of Clarity' at Scream Studios in London. Dave co-wrote some of the songs as well as toured with the band and since then, the two have been working together on various projects, producing,writing and touring. Their combined credits are too extensive to list but both have been in signed bands (Steve in Tantric recent 08 tour) and Dave's resume as producer/engineer is endless and features bands like 'The Noisettes', 'Earodynamics' and Jules Hodgson of KMFDM. Dave also teaches music theory, does transcriptions and has written music for movies, television, and video game soundtracks. The two went on to join 'Australian Nirvana' and after nearly three years of touring they formed 'The Perfect Tool'.

Obviously, finding a singer for any band is vital for the band's success, so we set out to find the 'hands down, OMF'nG, WTF! ' guy, and we found him. His name is Mike Rock and rather than attempting to describe what freaked us out when we first saw him,. look at the videos and pics on this page and the feedback from all the new youtube vids and you'll see for yourself, we really did get the perfect man for the job.

Remi Signorino was seemingly sent from above as when we were on the hunt for a bassist, Steve stumbled upon his youtube channel where he posted most of the Tool bass parts to our existing set,. Even though he is a young guy, his talent and cool demeanor allowed us to set out for tour with just one rehearsal and he was awesome!

When you come to see 'The Perfect Tool' you will be transported to a place coveted by hardcore Tool fans! The set list will feature songs from albums past and present, delivered in a powerful, awe inspiring way! In addition, 'TpT' has been stunning audiences in Europe and the States with eye-popping production including some amazing video projections.

Strange Days - A Tribute To The Doors
Strange Days is the ultimate Doors concert experience. Formed and based in Los Angeles, California, Strange Days is the most impressive and realistic Doors tribute act in North America. They capture the magic...the mystery....and the madness of the Doors in their prime. Join them as they break on through to the other side.

Founding members, guitarist Robert Carsten and keyboardist Michael Jacobson, each bring over a decade of experience playing in some of the most well-known Doors tribute bands around. Joining forces with singer Jason Tosta and drummer Matthew St. Malone, these seasoned musicians completed their vision of a perfect sounding and perfect looking Doors tribute band that transports audiences back to another time and era.

By combining vintage instruments with the latest technology, Strange Days offers both an authentic on-stage look and unmistakable studio album sound. The result is a truly one of a kind show.

Come see why audiences are raving, "The Lizard King Lives!"

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Rubber Souls
Rubber Souls
Take a trip back to the swinging 60's, with Rubber Souls and all your favorite Beatle tunes.

These talented performers portray the Beatles from The Ed Sullivan show all the way through the Abbey road era.

Book Rubber Souls for your next party, corporate function or anytime you want great Beatle music performed in period costumes with period instruments.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book David Robbins
David Robbins
The Magic voice of David Robbins has the talent and expertise necessary to fulfill your entertainment needs.

Todd Sullivan
Performing the hits from the beginning through today, Todd as Tim is one of the most sought after tributes today...You'll be asking yourself was it McGraw or Memorex....

Experience AlmostMcGraw for yourself....

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Michael St. Angel

Michael St. Angel
Michael St. Angel is The Elvis Entertainer for all occasions. Not only does Michael have the Look and the Moves, most importantly Michael St. Angel has The Voice, making his performance and presentation a valued and professional production from start to finish. Michael has an eye for detail and that is obvious in the first few minutes of his taking the stage (all areas of his wardrobe are exact replicas of Elvis' and his moves on stage are clearly reminiscent of the King's own shoulder-shaking, hip-swiveling, arm-lassoing frolics from his movie years in the 50's and 60's and live concerts in the 1970's). His tribute is one of great respect and sincerity, and his own character comes shining through with his colorful personality and sense of humor that immediately captivates his audiences.

In addition to private shows and public events at banquet halls, nightclubs and restaurants all over Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana, Michael has also had the pleasure of performing at esteemed venues such as the RAVE CONCERT HALL in Milwaukee and the VIC THEATRE in Chicago. Additionally, he has entertained and impressed audiences of thousands at professional sports stadiums such as the SEARS CENTRE ARENA, the UNITED CENTER for the Chicago Bulls game and CELLULAR FIELD for the Chicago White Sox game. Michael's credentials also include him being interviewed and filmed for a television special which aired on FOX NEWS the week of Elvis's birthday and that showcased his story as an entertainer and Elvis Tribute Artist.

Whatever the situation calls for, Michael will be sure to accommodate your requests. His shows can include an abbreviated, yet exciting guest spot; a 60-80 minute high-energy set of classic Elvis songs- essential Elvis rockers and romantic ballads alike- in the style of one of Elvis' live Las Vegas concerts; or multiple hour-long sets, along with costume changes, covering his most famous songs spanning all eras of Elvis' blessed career. Live band options are also available. His show can be specifically tailored to completely satisfy your needs on all fronts.

If you are looking for Elvis entertainment for your corporate event, summer festival, wedding or birthday party, any occasion or event at all, look no further than Michael St. Angel, The Elvis Entertainer.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book 1969 Woodstock Festival Tribute
1969 Woodstock Festival Tribute
Since there debut in May of 2009 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, the 1969 Woodstock Festival Live Music Tribute has performed for thousands of people delighting audiences of all ages. The Tribute brings music performed at the 1969 Woodstock Festival back to the people that lived it and to a new generation fascinated by it. With costume changes, 4 guys & 2 gals bring the best artists and songs from the festival to the stage. Performed flawlessly with Broadway quality dialogue and theatrics during a 2 and 1/2 hour show, the band pays tribute to Janis Joplin, John Fogerty, Sly Stone, Arlo Guthrie, Melanie, Paul Butterfield, Grace Slick, Keith Moon. And of course, Jimi Hendrix. The band also pays tribute to Santana and Crosby Stills Nash & Young along with The Who featuring Keith Moon and a psychedelic ending you won't want to miss.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book ABBA Girlz
ABBA Girlz
The show can be scaled to just two girls (Agnetha and Frida) performing the best hits of ABBA with backing tracks and self-contained PA System. It is also possible to provide full show that features front four (Agnetha, Bjorn,Frida,Benny) singing and playing live with backing tracks. The girls sing in perfect harmony and sound just like the real ABBA.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Vitamin B-52
Vitamin B-52
Performing anywhere a party can pop up, Vitamin B-52 springs in to action with the best dance music ever made!

Ronnie Lee's Videos
Ronnie Lee Twist and The Future Cats
Ronnie Lee Twist is a Rockabilly Hall of Fame Artist. His show, "Rockabilly Done Right" review paying tribute the greatest music of all time including music from Johnny Cash, Elvis, Jerry lee Lewis, Buddy Holly and MORE! It's a blast from the past that you won't want to miss.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book The Fellas
The Fellas
The Fellas were formed in the summer of 1991. The group consisted of founding members Joe Rivera III, Ricardo Wright, Andrew Rhoden and Anthony Cooper, Jr. The Fellas are patterned after the Temptations where anyone could step out and sing lead without compromising the harmonies.

Today in 2011, the Fellas consist of Joe Rivera III, Ricardo Wright, JoQuae DeVonish (previosu member fo The Fellas) and Luis 'Blue' Mercado, a member of Vision in 1989, a pre-cursor to The Fellas. Classic Soul is brought to you from NYC and Detroit, MI

The Fellas
The Fellas were formed in the summer of 1991. The group consisted of founding members Joe Rivera III, Ricardo Wright, Andrew Rhoden and Anthony Cooper, Jr. The Fellas are patterned after the Temptations where anyone could step out and sing lead without compromising the harmonies.

Today in 2011, the Fellas consist of Joe Rivera III, Ricardo Wright, JoQuae DeVonish (previosu member fo The Fellas) and Luis 'Blue' Mercado, a member of Vision in 1989, a pre-cursor to The Fellas. Classic Soul is brought to you from NYC and Detroit, MI

Bridges To Quadrophenia
3 plus hours of some of the greatest Rock & Roll of our time or any other time. Experience the British Invasion all over again. An Amazing Journey guaranteed to leave you breathless. Bridges To Quadrophenia.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book B/S the tribute to Bon Scott era AC/DC
B/S the tribute to Bon Scott era AC/DC
B/S has recreated the experience of a live early AC/DC show! "If you build it, they will come." that's been the motto since the begining for B/S. Five seasoned musicians operating on one belief; if you take the time to be as authentic as possible and act professionally in every aspect, the rest will take care of itself. And it has!! In the three years since the bands inception, they have played for tens of thousands in dozens of cities across the Southwestern United States. Highlights include: A debut show in front of 1200 people performing with the Atomic Punks at the Marquee Theater in Tempe, AZ, May 2007. Opening for rock legends Kansas at Westgate City Center Arena, October 2007. Warming up the enormous crowd waiting to see the Van Halen reunion show at Arena, November 2007. Headlining the "Legends" stage at the Tempe Town Lake New Years Eve Block Party, December 2007. Headling the AZ Bike Week Kick-off Party, March 2008. Headlining multiple shows at the Marquee Theater in Tempe, AZ (normally reserved for national touring acts) in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Selling out the New Years Eve Show ay the Inyo County Fairgrounds in Bishop, CA, December 2008. Consistently traveling throughout the Southwestern United States an performing to sold out crowds in 2008, 2009, and 2010. Headlining the "Budweiser Roll Bar Stage" at the "Subway fresh Fit 500" NASCAR event at Phoenix International Raceway in front of thousands, April 2010.

These are only the high points out of the hundreds of shows that the band has played!

B/S are: Kyran Brennan as Bon Scott Gregg Park as Angus Young kevin Sage as Malcolm Young Dave Peterson as Phil Rudd Tom Tindale as Cliff Williams

Song List: It's A Long Way To The Top Rock And Roll Singer The Jack Live Wire T.N.T. High Voltage Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Big Balls Rocker Problem Child Squealer Jailbreak Bad Boy Boogie Go Down Dog Eat Dog Let There Be Rock Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be Whole Lotta Rosie Rock And Roll Damnation Riff Raff Sin City Gone Shootin' Highway To Hell Girls Got Rhythm Walk All Over You Touch Too Much Shot Down In Flames If You Want Blood Beating Around The Bush Night Prowler Shook Me All Night Long For Those About To Rock Cold Hearted Man Up To My Neck In You Kicked In The Teeth

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Platinum Rockstars
Platinum Rockstars
The Platinum Rockstars Classic Rock Superstar Show is a timeline of arena rock 'n roll featuring authentic re-creations of the most legendary acts in history all in one show! With astonishing accuracy, the talented Platinum Rockstars cast re-creates the sights, sounds, looks and personalities of the most popular rock acts in history and the "Platinum Rockstars Radio" DJ starts the party and keeps the dance floor packed. In this one amazing show, you'll see Led Zeppelin, The Who, Boston, Foreigner, Journey, Van Halen, Def Leppard and Bon Jovi. Lead vocalist David Victor is a classic rock tenor who delivers some of the best-loved and most challenging rock vocals of all time. Experience the amazing Platinum Rockstars Classic Rock Superstar Show for yourself: you won't believe your ears or your eyes!

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Steely Jam
Steely Jam
The most accurate and faithful recreatio of the Steely Dan live experience in Southern California, and possibly the country, The ten-piece band is made up of incredibly talented and veteran musicians, including Michael Lamper on lead vocals and a full horn section.

Sounds of Santana
Rick Kraft picked up his first guitar at age 15 and has been dazzling audiences ever since. A recent transplant from Hollywood, California, Rick has performed in successful original and cover bands that have opened for such legendary rock & roll acts such as Pat Benatar, Kansas, Eddie Money, and Joe Walsh. His musical influences are Carlos Santana, Joe Walsh, and Doug Aldrich (guitarist for Whitesnake, and his former teacher). Stuart Moore - Keyboards was born and raised just outside London in the UK. He started to play keyboards as a teenager and was completely self taught. His desire to play was inspired by modern jazz pianists such as Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and Jeff Lorber. After graduating college in 2003 with a music degree he started playing in one of England's top show bands and toured the UK and played on cruise ships. While playing on a cruise ship he met is wife to be, Kim, which bought him to northern California in early 2006. Since arriving here he has toured through various states with up and coming singer/songwriter Daniel Ryan and currently also plays with top 40 covers bands. Eddie Diaz - Congas hails from Spanish Harlem in New York. He began playing the congas in 1974. In the early 1990s he migrated to Northern California where he quickly established himself as one of the most sought after congueros in the area. He is now a Sacramento resident and has amassed an incredible musical resume including performances with TONY ORLANDO, CHARRO, YOMO TORO, BOBBY RODRIGUEZ Y LA COMPANIA, LATIN CREATION, CARLOS SANTANA, AZABACHE, CONQUISTA MUSICAL and the ALIVN AILEY AMERICAN DANCE THEATER COMPANY. He is also currently a member of the legendary Chicano group MALO. Clint Ransom - Bass Guitar is an experienced bass and electric guitarist who learned from such greats as Bobby Lyle, Jack McDuff, and Verdine White of EWF. While attending the Center of Performing Arts, St. Paul, Minnesota as an 11-year old music major, Clint has performed with Prince, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Alexander O'Neil. He arrived in Sacramento, California in the early 80s. Since residing in Sacramento, he has performed in bands that perform opening acts for artists such as Jeff Lorber, Roger Smith, Robert Brookins, and the Braxton Brothers, Earth, Wind and Fire and Ollie Woodson, formerly of the Temptations. Eric Burnyea Burnett - Lead Vocals/Hand Percussion is a studied and accomplished entertainer who has traveled extensively performing throughout the United States and abroad. He is also a recording artist and has had two Billboard Top Fifty record releases on the R/B, Hip Hop and Popular music charts. He has written songs, recorded, performed and appeared in television, stage and movies. Eric has studied and performed theatre/acting. Currently, Eric is a recording artist and working on his current CD project. Eric really enjoys performing with the Sounds of Santana and is positive everyone will enjoy this tribute to Santana.

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book The Crooner and The Comic
The Crooner and The Comic
A nationally booked act, The Ciomic and The Crooner celebrates the careers of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis re-creating the same supper-club/night club show that audiences a half centrury ago couldn't get enough of. The show pays tribute to the entire careers of both performers, with classic Dean Martin hits like "Everybody Loves Somebody'" and "That's Amore", and fasvorite Jerry Lewis characters like "the nutty Professor" Bringing this comical team back to the stage are entertainment veterans Eric Richardson as "Dean Martin" and Matt Macis as "Jerry Lewis" whose resumes collectively include Broadway National Tours, regional theatres, televisions, major motion pictures, recordings and more. With their impeccable timing, world class vocals, and over the top antics, this Martin and Lewis tribute will leave audiences caught up this pair's high-jinx begging for more

Contact Crazy Wolf Entertainment to book Simply The Best Tina

Simply The Best Tina
Simply The Best Tina
As former back up vocalist to Nelly Furtado for her “I’m Like A Bird” American and U.K. tours, Sonia Ndongmo has burst onto the international stage easily securing loyal fans of all ages as “Simply The Best Tina!”

Audiences are blown away by the incredible intensity and high energy created by “Simply The Best Tina!” who sizzles and smoulders about the stage along with her gorgeous dancers who are masters at delivering sweet and powerful harmonies. Backed by the tightest band in show business and boasting more than 100 years of professional experience collectively, it is an unforgettable knock out show!

The crowds have spoken and Sonia Ndongmo is simply the best Tina Turner!

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