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AXE - Brad BanhagelAXE - Brad Banhagel
Axe has had a history of success around the world, having toured with the likes of Motley Crue, Scorpions, Judas Priest, Ozzfest, and many more. The video for "Heat in the Streets" is still regularly appears on "Headbanger's Ball", a VH1 series. Over this long span, 10 CD's were released. Several were released only in Europe, which has precluded the band from major exposure in the US. After almost 5 years, the band has reformed with several new members and started making plans to tour the world once again. Now based in Houston, the band features Bob Harris, former member of Frank Zappa's band and one of the original members of Axe, on vocals and keys. Most memorably, the band released a single in '81 called "Rock N Roll Party in the Streets" which hit #49 on the Billboard charts. The band has a rich melodic sound with exceptional vocal harmonies. All of the music appeals to a wide spectrum of audiences from young to old. Though some songs have an edge, they wouldn't be considered an overly heavy show.

Location: Houston, TX

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