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L'effleur des SensL'effleur des Sens
L’effleur des Sens caresses the senses, arouses the imagination and reinvents the stage as foreplay to whatever happens behind closed doors. Cati Jean, French director & choreographer of L’effleur des Sens, brings you a visual seduction unparalleled and unmatched by any other show. 8 professional, trained dancers perform a variety show diverse in form, music and mood. Cati, inspired by the French variety cabaret, combines beauty, strength, and mystery to create a powerful story on stage. “I want to flirt with my audiences’ imagination by introducing them to a world of visual artistry.” Using shapes and clean lines to create picturesque movement and profound images, Cati has found a way to entice the mind and exhilarate the heart rate all at the same time.

The company is comprised of dancers who are individually successful on stage and in film & television. They are seasoned dancers that have trained and performed all over the world and on the big screen. But all you will notice as you watch is that each is uniquely beautiful. She has her own style and her own personal way of luring you into her world. You might get lost watching just one if you aren’t careful…

But the only thing more powerful than a beautiful, strong and talented woman, is many. L’effleur des Sans brings you a tour de force of femininity, sensuality and sophistication. And as a young man once said after our show, “I can’t remember what I just witnessed, but I’ll never forget it.”

L’effleur des Sans , based in Los Angeles, CA and performing all over the world, looks forward to our next chance to turn you on.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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