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Imagine ELVIS & The BEATLES joining forces in 1965 when they first met, now imagine the Beatles opening the show for the KING of Rock, then playing as his back-up band with awesome harmonies.

Listen as these two ICONS sing the first DUET never heard by the public, until now! Watch as these to acts sing all their top hits and bring some English & American humor, filled with laugh's, screams and scarves to for all the ladies.

Then watch as EP Tribute Artist Al Hull airbrush an (8ft) tall mural of Presley's face while singing a song called Memories. (See the video at: under elvi-beetle)

The ending will bring down the house with a Tribute to the American Flag for the War Hero's of today and yesterday, watch as ELVIS Impressionist Al Hull wear a Flag Suit never worn by ELVIS, but made by one of the original designers of Presley's jumpsuits, backed with an awesome encore.

Location: Galesburg, Illinois

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