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Rod FerroneRod Ferrone
ROD FERRONE, world-class tap dancer and entertainer, has performed to critical acclaim throughout the planet, wowing his audiences with his unique blend of tap, physical comedy and eccentric moves. Critics have likened him to Astaire, Cagney and Chaplain and yet he commands a presence and style that make him one of the most inventive and original hoofers of his generation. Jazz, hip-hop, rock’ n’ roll, classical music – if it’s got a pulse, he’ll lay down some rhythmic patterns at breathtaking speed interspersed with crafty hat tricks and ultra-smooth moves. Whether performing as a soloist, or with his group – Feet 2 the Beat (which can consist of anywhere between two and six dancers) - he is sure to get the audience’s heart rate pounding with choreography that can be completely free-bodied and wild - reminiscent of tap’s street roots - or classically elegant with subtle and highly refined moves and foot work.

Crowd favorites:

“Ran Kan Kan,” a high-energy and very funny tap mambo to Tito Puente’s infectious Latin groove and blaring big band sound.

“Wipe Out,” a hilarious send-up of the 60’s classic in which he taps the drum solo with his feet while cranking out power chords on the guitar a la Pete Townsend.

“Young at Heart,” a poignant song and dance reminiscent of vaudeville and yet completely original with the addition of astounding hat tricks.

“Hat Blues,” a non-tap jazz number reminiscent of Fosse, but taken to another level of “slick” with hat and cane manipulation.

“Draw,” a dazzling up-tempo tap dance to classic jazz blues.

Ferrone is very serious about his craft but he also draws on tap's humorous side, utilizing satirical and comedic turns as a set up for many of his routines. His goal is to dazzle his audiences and to enlighten them to the sheer joy that is tap.

Quotes from the critics:

“…Rod Ferrone, Cagneyesque in his marvelous slink with spats and a pork-pie hat….” Anna Kisselgoff, The New York Times

“He has the virtuosic feet, plus the grace, wit, showmanship and comic timing. Rod intersperses his act with leaps in the air and smooth electric boogie steps, he does hat tricks and dances with his whole body, Astaire-style.” Heather C. Liston, Dance Spirit

“… his one-man-show… is a delicate mixture of incredible tap dances to mostly jazz or blues tunes and guitar playing topped off with singing. It's not only that he cheats on gravity and time when his feet fly across the floor with meticulous precision, he also combines good ol' rocking Rolling Stones songs with breathtaking tap dance stunts, a show both hilariously funny and fascinating. To put it in a nutshell - extremely entertaining.” Florian Stenschke,

Location: New York, NY

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