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The LizardzThe Lizardz
The Lizardz is as a show within a show. The premise is that this “lounge” act is fraught with internal strife – all of the band members have soap opera-esque issues with one another, and between songs and sets the drama plays out in front of the crowd.

The Lizardz are a tribute band to lounge acts, and are inspired by only the best Top 40 and power ballads. The Lizardz started their journey six years ago in the Poconos, playing at some of their favorite haunts. They were first seen as the regular Tuesday night band at Bob's Chew and Brew, but got their big break when they were hired for a monthly gig at the Midnight Oil Lounge. Band Members: Derek Barnes Derek's natural charisma and presence is the driving force behind the Lizards. His animal magnetism sucks the audience in and makes them want to become a part of his world. Todd Burkman Todd considers himself an honorary Lizard. Todd likes to jump behind the mic whenever he gets a chance. Valerie King Valerie has been singing as long as she can remember. In fact, her first words were rumored to be "Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do". A little song bird her whole life, her one dream was to find a man to share her passion, and together live a life in song. Valerie dedicates every performance to her innumerable fans, but mostly to her one true love, Derek. Eddie Barnes Eddie is a recent graduate of Carbon County Community College. Eddie graduated top of his class with a dual major in music theory and french horn. He dreams to sone day perform with the Royal Philharmonic, but is very dedicated to The Lizardz in the meantime. Mallory Hutchinson The Lizardz discovered Mallory at the Molly Pitcher rest stop on the NJ Turnpike, where she was working at the Starbucks. Mallory was singing "9 to 5" while preparing Eddie's Single Double Mocha Latte with whip, and the band new she would be a perfect fit. She had a distinguished musical career while attending Highstown High School, and performed in South Pacific, Anything Goes, Once Upon a Mattress, South Pacific, and the Frankenstein Monster Show. Mallroy has been with The Lizardz since October, and is thrilled to finally be living her dream.

Location: Philadelphia

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