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With a genre suffering from watered-down riffs and generic breakdowns, Dallas rockers Hopedieslast, look to bring the metal back to metal; so to speak. Hopedieslast fills their debut EP with mind blowing guitar harmonies and devastating drum fills, a complete metal mastery making the listener beg for more. That is just the beginning. Vocalist Bobby Wilson takes aggressive vocals to a new level of power and clarity as he expands his range and offers an emotional edge to the brutality offered by the band. “We knew that we had to step up the song writing on this EP,” says guitarist Jake Lear, “We really wanted the 4 songs to come out and destroy everything.” And destroy they do.

Since forming the band, which also includes guitarist Ryan Bastien and bassist Mike Green in 2004, Hopedieslast has made ripples in the metal scene from the beginning. Constant regional and some national touring have also expanded the groups fan base and with a friends list of over 23,000 and total plays in excess of 261,000, Hopedieslast has garnered a rabid fan base all over the world. “We just want to get out on the road forever,” says Bastien, “That is what we love to do and that is how we get people hooked on the band.”

Produced by Unearth guitarist Ken Susi, the EP gives an alarming preview for what is soon to come for Hopedieslast. Drummer Bryan Nicholas sums up the bands mission, “We just want to keep pushing our music to the next level. The reason we started the band is to make metal that we would want to hear, metal that encompasses that feeling of empowerment and attitude. I think we are well on our way to doing that.”

Location: DALLAS TX

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