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Speed & Thro: High Energy MagicSpeed & Thro: High Energy Magic
Speed & Thro are two of the east coast's premiere entertainers. Speed is the hyperactive, fast talking slick magician, while Thro is the bumbling, not so bright, comedy sidekick. This combination leads to a fun, exciting and mystifying illusionist team! Speed & Thro are full time professional entertainers who have the capability to perform their magic show under almost any circumstance or in any location.


Experience the high energy magic and comedy of Speed & Thro. These magicians will have your kids and family audience laughing and cheering out load with their patented brand of hyperactive comedy and magic. Speed & Thro will be sure to amaze your audience with their witty humor, mind blowing stage illusions and amazing energy. This magician team is not afraid to break the rules by getting a little loud and crazy to make your event the best it can be.


For the more sophisticated audience, Speed & Thro will tone down the craziness...a little, in order to intensify the magic. Speed & Thro will customize your specific show in order to blow your audience away with their handwork( manipulation), amazing magic effects and exciting stage illusions. This illusionist team will leave your group/ audience with their mouths open gasping for air...totally blown away! Speed & Thro have hours of magic in their arsenal to ensure new and electrifying magic for the most discerning and critical audience.


Speed & Thro also have the ability to perform their exciting magic in miniature. By combining their wacky comedy and unique style with a more personal touch, Speed & Thro will entertain your audience or guests with walk around strolling magic. Their high energy personalities and magic will shine when you will witness their skill and dexterity in slight of hand with cards, coins, and pocket magic. This team of magicians will not only delight your audience, it will totally mystify them with amazing magic.

Speed & Thro have many exciting options and shows to suit almost any event or audience. Speed & Thro are a nationaly performing act based in the Washington, DC area.

Location: East Coast

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