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Temperance Tantrums
With authentic music and boisterous bar room comedy, Temperance Tantrums is modeled after the Temperance rallies of the past, but that’s where the historical similarity ends. In days gone by, the object of a Temperance rally was to persuade individuals to forswear alcohol and vote for the Temperance cause. Temperance Tantrums has just the opposite effect… the show actually encourages audience members to be a little naughty and to fully enjoy a brew or two.

A production of Temperance Tantrums can enhance your business, festival or special event for a single evening or an extended run. Restaurants and taverns, historical societies, museums, wineries, breweries, tradeshows, antique malls, lawn parties and fairs provide excellent venues for the hilarious antics of The Eternal Sword Temperance Union and their historical, (if somewhat peculiar! ) musical temperance rallies.

The entertainment typically begins with 21st century guests enjoying cocktails. “Fingers” provides piano music of the period until a small marching band approaches ….complete with booming bass drum. Suddenly, a quartet of high-energy actors/singers marches into the scene. Beautifully costumed according to the fashions popular in 1895, they are singing, playing musical instruments and fervently proclaiming the virtues of a life of abstinence from the evils of strong drink. They pass among the guests, (who by now are trying to hide the fact that they’ve been enjoying cocktails!), introduce themselves as The Eternal Sword Temperance Union, and announce that they have advanced upon this particular establishment to hold a Temperance rally, “to rescue all the poor souls who wish to forswear King Alcohol.”

As the rally proceeds, the self-righteous members of The Eternal Sword Temperance Union reveal that they are not as “vice free” as they would have us believe. The Rev. Dr. Josiah Peacock, a man of dubious honor, is using the Temperance platform to peddle his personal brand of patent medicine, Peacock’s Elixir, which “cures cravings for demon rum.” Mrs. Amelia Bunch, who eschews all manner of “ardent spirits,” is clearly dependent upon her “nerve medicine” (Peacock’s Elixir) which she nips throughout the evening. As it takes effect, she becomes more animated and much less inhibited….causing herself some embarrassment. Charming and beautiful Euphoria Turnbottom, represents The Eternal Sword Temperance Union’s greatest success: Plucked from the gutter against her will by Peacock, Euphoria was once a woeful inebriate, but a popular “soiled dove.” Now, Euphoria has reformed, but she, too, eventually reverts to her former flirtatious ways. The newest recruit is Jack Wellborne, who joined only an hour ago, somewhat under duress. Sometimes played as “Sailor” Jack, he is quite the bon vivant, who had enjoyed a “few too many” earlier in the evening. Jack stumbles in as a drunkard, but sobers up during the course of the evening to become our very human hero.

Location: New Jersey, USA

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