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Adora Svitak
Adora Svitak began writing at age four, and published her first book, Flying Fingers: Master the Tools of Learning Through the Joy of Writing, when she was seven. She has appeared on Oprah, NBC Nightly News, BBC Outlook, and countless other programs to share her writing secrets and campaign for her goal: a world in which stronger communication skills lead to improved understanding amongst cultures and nations. She believes that through reading and writing we can learn to understand and empathize with one another, that a more literate world would be a more peaceful world. To this end she gives free writing workshops at schools, bookstores, libraries, and universities. She is a spokesperson for Verizon’s literacy campaign, and also campaigns for UNICEF. Adora’s interests are far ranging-she watches CNN every day to keep up on current events, reads everything from J.K Rowlings to Sarah Vowell, loves George Orwell, C.S Lewis and J.R Tolkein, and is an avid amateur historian, particularly in regards to military history, British Queens, and the history of piracy. When she’s not reading, writing, blogging, or teaching, she enjoys playing tag, playing board games, eating at buffet restaurants, cooking with her sister, classroom time, and inventing games. Her favorite school subjects are history (the more bizarre or gruesome the better), vocabulary (especially Latin root words), and, of course, writing. She just finished work on a volume of poetry and two novellas.

Location: Redmond, WA

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