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Reeko Hood and Jorge Bravo found a love for music. Growing up in a Latino household, they listened to alot of Merengue, Tropical and Spanish ballads. At a young age, Reeko Hood and Jorge Bravo discovered Hip Hop, and were fascinated by the music and itís lifestyle. They admired artists such as Run-DMC, Eric B. & Rakim, The Beastie Boys, KRS-ONE, Public Enemy and N.W.A. They hooked-up with producer/composer J-vibe of Dragon Mob Records in 2004. J-vibe wrote the music/vocals and the twins wrote rap lyrics. This combo would take LOYALTY AND HONOR to a new level. Together, Jvibe and Loyalty & Honor have come up with a production that captures the esscense of their style. In 2006, LOYALTY and HONOR also had their track featured in the Cuba Gooding Jr film "DIRTY."

LOYALTY AND HONOR represent the people and their emotions. Their lyrics speaks about real events in everyone's life, not just the thug. LOYALTY AND HONOR bring a new sound to the World Market. They want to knock-down barriers and stereotypes, and remain true to the streets, cause whether your a rich corporate employee or a begger on the street, we all share the same emotions. LOYALTY AND HONOR is ready to crank-out hits that stab at your deepest emotional nerves.

Location: Los Angeles

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