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How To Plan Your Next Corporate Function
September 11, 2014

The Key Factors To Planning a Successful Corporate Function                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Anyone who has been faced with the challenge of planning a corporate event knows how stressful it can be. When planning your next corporate function it is important to focus on the following three main aspects:

1. What is your budget? This should include everything from 
entertainment and venue to refreshments. 
2.  What type of event is it; a holiday party, product launch, company outing, seminar, etc. and what are you hoping to achieve? This may seem like a simple question but, it is crucial in determining factors like what type of talent or theme will best suit your demographic.       
3.  How many people are expected to attend your corporate event? This will allow you to choose the proper venue and plan appropriately for last minute issues like in climate weather at an outside event.
Taking care of the large tasks first allows you to have time to focus on the logistics of your event. When planning your corporate function it is key to remember that the details are what will make your event go from ordinary to impressive.
The Pros and Cons of Hiring Outside Help                                                                                 
Many event planning companies and booking agencies take a cookie cutter approach to planning events. These turn-key (all in one) packages may be enticing at first glance but don’t be misled. Often times they lead to companies paying for services they don’t need and more importantly not leaving money in your budget for specific requirements such as setting up/breaking down the event, corporate logo favors, etc.
We take a unique approach to corporate event planning by focusing on the aspects that are unique to your company’s needs. This ensures full service for any size event whether it’s a fortune 500 company or a mid-size firm.  We will tailor a package to your individualized needs.  
In addition, we have the professional relationships necessary to book the entertainment you desire. We are able to offer a wide variety of talent, from A-List musical acts to professional and motivational speakers.
If you are uncertain of what talent would best suit your corporate event you can speak with one of our experienced event coordinators. They will be glad to give you suggestions and help you with any other questions you may have. Your event coordinator will also be there on the day of the function to ensure everything goes off seamlessly.
To speak with one of our event coordinators now click the following link: