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Sasha Lazard

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Sasha Lazard is one of the most innovative and extraordinary talents on both the international and U.S. music scenes today. She pioneers an exciting musical synthesis of the classical, along with trip-hop and an elegant fusion of European dance and world beats. She has both the style of a bohemian Catherine Deneuve and the blonde green-eyed beauty of a modern day glamour girl. Lazard successfully weds passion and fashion; pristine vocals and club percussion, producing a unique style that is electrifying, seductive yet soothing to the eyes, ears and soul.

Sasha is an accomplished vocalist and graduate of the esteemed San Francisco Conservatory of Music. This New York born, Paris raised soprano has toured the U.S., and Europe with full fusion band as well as prestigious chamber groups and has performed at many acclaimed international festivals. These experiences have served as the foundation for her unique electronica/classical/trip-hop/world music sound.

Born of a French father and American mother and raised in cosmopolitan cities, Sasha was exposed to art and various cultures early in life. But Sasha always felt she wanted to marry her love of the classic to her appreciation for the sensuality and seduction of the downtown club vibe. It was at the Conservatory that Sasha decided to stray the path of the conventional classical performer, and take the many roads she now frequents and conquers with both elegance and groove.

With an edgy sophistication and an artist’s desire for freedom, Sasha successfully rebelled against the constraints of the tight-laced opera scene. In the late 90’s, after singing with a rock band (formed with string players she met at the Conservatory), Sasha began collaborating with a pop producer, DJ Mark Raskin and electronic cellist Michael Kott. Together, the team created an entirely new sound by combining elements from the classical and electronic worlds - Sasha’s world was redefined. She unveiled her new sound at top venues in New York (Don Hill’s, Life, Joe’s Pub) and Los Angeles (Luna Park, Moomba) and showcased in Europe’s largest nightclub, Club Privilege (Ibiza, Spain).

Word spread quickly. Sasha was soon asked to record the theme song to Miramax Films international box office phenom, Princess Mononoke in 1999, and the critically acclaimed, Holy Smoke, starring Kate Winslet and Harvey Keitel. Next on the horizon was a record deal with respected EMI distributed label, Higher Octave Music.

In 2000, Sasha joined acclaimed producer Frank Fitzpatrick in his studio in LA where her debut album, The Myth of Red was conceived. The album’s 11 tracks feature Sasha’s soaring vocals over classic melodies and hip electronic beats to form a seductive and engaging soundtrack - perfect for the coolest lounge in downtown New York to the most elegant party in Paris. The album is inspired by the ancient myth of Inanna -- the fabled story of a woman who has grown restless with her earthly bounds and is lured to the underworld for a night of passion, but who returns to earth drawn by a lullaby sung by her mortal lover -- the album embraces the mystique and allure of red: passion, rebellion, love, anger, the feminine and the ferocious. These emotions, “awakenings,” and new experiences are ones Lazard address throughout the album.

As the listener compose yourself, as you will be drawn in by it all. Brace yourself to be elevated by Sasha’s arousing and poignant voice and the affecting and combative beats and the soothing lilt of Lili Hayden’s violin. Prepare yourself to enter a mythical, yet hauntingly real combination of worlds, a fascinating fusion of sounds and emotion.

Prepare to enter what you now know as…The Myth of Red.

Sasha’s live shows join percussion, electric cello, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and sometimes guest DJ’s, renowned guest musicians and extraordinary dancers (most recently-The Pendulum Aerial Dance Theatre). Combine these with Sasha’s soaring sensual and evocative vocals and you are treated to an incomparable aural and visual display.

The sound of the album is complemented by the guest appearances of DJ Spooky and Lili Hayden (who often joins her in live performances) while Delirium, and Joey Moskowitz contribute remixes.

Sasha Lazard’s debut album, The Myth of Red, was released through Higher Octave Music/EMI in the U.S. and has appeared on both Billboard’s Hot Dance Chart and Billboard’s Classical Crossover Chart. She has spent the last year performing around the world with the jewelry company BULGARI performing for their special events. She is currently at work on her second album.

It is now time to enter the Myth…

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