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Dee Robert

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Nicole McCloud’s “One Good Reason” and “Searchin” (24/7 - Artemis), Diana Fox’s “Where Are You Now” (P.O.D), and Eyra Gail’s “River of Tears” (24/7 - Artemis) are just a few of the artists that hit-making machine Dee Robert has produced and written for in the last year. Already receiving the title “The Diane Warren of Dance Music” by her industry peers, Robert accepts the praise graciously but laughs, “I hate it! I’ve received so many calls from record labels, remixers, and artists congratulating me on my recent successes, but I always tell them to drop the nickname, although it’s the greatest compliment. I’m just trying to bring fresh well-crafted, new music to the industry. I believe that most hit songs are grounded in a certain structure or formula. The average listener hears it and knows they can easily relate to the words and the melody. It resonates with them, and they want to hear it over and over again. The pop hits we hear on the radio are not purely written from inspiration, but from well-blended ingredients that the listener can relate to. I’m just a musical story-teller.”

As if writing and producing several acts simultaneously weren’t enough, Dee Robert has debuted her very own single “Separate Ways” on fresh New York imprint Oh Music. “We chose to do a cover of Journey’s classic hit as my first single. I’ve been a big Steve Perry fan for as long as I could remember and felt that it was a perfect match for today’s rhythmic/pop radio formats. A good cover is an instant “familiarity” record. I believe that when a new artist records a cover, the record should be as good or better than the original. I hate cheesy covers; buy love the one’s that incorporate a new twist on a hit song. I’m very pleased with the outcome and feedback I’ve received so far.” “Separate Ways,” still in its early stage, has already received love from early believer New York’s #1 Dance Station WKTU, and has garnered Top 10 requests on the station, as well as other stations around the country. Dee is currently in the studio working on her upcoming full-length release, as well as developing new acts for her production company.

In August, Dee Robert begins touring in promotion of “Separate Ways” as it is generating major buzz at nightclubs and radio stations nationwide.

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