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Michael McDermott

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Michael McDermott is rightfully considered to be one of the finest songwriters of his generation, with beautiful songs marred with questionable outcomes in life and love, his romantic optimism prevails.

His new record, �Noise From Words� (One Little Indian Records) gladly surrenders to the world of pop culture mania for an introspective retreat to the calm and timely sound of a quiet room with an acoustic guitar. His music is lonely with singer-songwriter style instrumentation, basic acoustic guitar, a dry and dusty piano, and some tasteful, minimal instruments for translation.

Lyrically, he takes you all over the country, from a sentimental walk through an antique store to the farthest point from Heaven (�Long Way From Heaven�). In these stories, Michael McDermott has a confident sparkle in his eye. He is wearing a beat up old hat, but he just bought a new lease on life and there was no devil involved. These interruptions on his way to happiness (�Mess Of Things�) are reminders to self and reminders of self-destruction (�Off Of My Mind�) are washed away by water that ain�t so holy (�Tread Lightly�)�

�Noise From Words� gives McDermott the understanding he wasn�t looking for. �My Father�s Son� puts his crooked way into perspective through memories of his father�s upbringing. And thankfully, he�s just too tired to walk to a bridge to jump off, settling with the conclusion that he�s �Just A Little Blue�. He realizes that he was very happy with his longtime girlfriend that packed up and moved on, due to professing his lack of love and now with a last attempt to tell her long after she�s gone (�All My Love�).

McDermott has seen a lot since his first video broke in the early 90�s on MTV�s Buzz Bin and knows that the world just keeps going �round and the sun will come up sooner than he�s ready for it to. He�s a writer and he�s got some soul searching going on with this record and every song on �Noise From Words� is moving in its own right. �The American In Me�, is haunting and poignant anthem with the voice of a true-blooded American asking if it�s still possible to love his country, but not its government.

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