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Joe Recca

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Comedian Joe Recca started doing comedy in 1987 at the Comedy Café in Washington, DC. A veteran comedian who started doing comedy with Dave Chappell. “Dave Chapell and I would sit in the back of the club waiting to do our five minutes.”

Joe’s style of comedy can be described in three words: Funny, Funny, Funny. His real life comedy comes from life experiences. Observations of growing up in the south, racism, ex wife, relationships; Joe’s comedy covers it all.

All ages, all races, everybody can relate to Joe’s comedy. Joe’s creativity comes from a love of making people laugh. “No matter what race you are or what language you speak, we all laugh the same, everyone understands laughter.”

Joe was probation counselor working in corrections, “People will listen to anything you have to say if you make it funny. There was an inmate who would find Jesus every time he got locked up. He’d say, ‘I’m back with Christ’. You wasn’t with Christ when you had those people lying face down in that liquor store. ‘Christ will set you free’. Christ better be on the parole board”.

Joe has gone on to work with comedy greats like Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle, and Tommy Davidson to name a few. He has also written for D.L. Hughley, star of the television show the Hughleys.

Joe’s television credits include BET Coming to the Stage, BET Comic View, HBO Def Comedy Jam, Showtime at the Apollo, Apollo Comedy Hour, and Uptown Comedy Club.

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