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Jim Morris (Comedy)

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The New Yorker Magazine recently called Jim Morris "the country's leading political impressionist".

Jim Morris is like no other political humorist as he brings the real West Wing to comedic life caricaturing our nation's leaders, Presidents past and present, Senators and Congressmen, TV Journalists, Pundits and the popular icons of the day. Jim recreates Washington D.C., the Beltway and our nation’s political scene utilizing his uncanny ability to vocally and physically impersonate the newsmakers with flair, wit and intelligence in his hilarious political cartoon.

Among those joining Jim onstage are President George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Rush Limbaugh, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Gore, John Kerry, Dr. Phil and the Ghost of Ronald Reagan as Jim brings to life Washington’s current cast of characters. The Boston Herald described him as "A one-man Disney attraction, his own Hall of the Presidents".

On stage Jim Morris shines the official comic spotlight on our country’s politics and in the traditional American custom of satirizing, teasing and roasting our nation’s leaders finds that the laughs somehow illuminate our country’s politics left, right and center in a presentation acclaimed classic political comedy.

Jim has always been interested in politics, making people laugh and impersonating and puncturing authority figures. He discovered the potential powers of his art while attending high school in Framingham, Mass., where one day pretending to be the principal he issued an “unauthorized” early dismissal over the school public address system. Of course, that day the other students were all dismissed much earlier then Jim. Now-a-days Jim still tries to bring that same daring sense of comic anarchy to his performance.

Always a special highlight of the Jim Morris show is his ad-lib Presidential Press Conference, when he takes questions from audience members as stand-ins for the White House correspondent’s corps.

There have been performances where the audience becomes so wrapped up in the rare opportunity to ask questions to power that it gets real and they forget for a moment that it’s Jim Morris a comedian they’re dealing with and the result is at once sidesplitting comedy and an extraordinary, only in America example of our Democracy at work. As The New York Times commented "What distinguishes Mr. Morris's impressions from those of previous Presidential parodists is with the seriousness with which he approaches his task. In the age of sound bites and handlers, Mr. Morris's parodies are much more than personal demolition jobs. They are surreal exposés of the emptiness and equivocation of contemporary political rhetoric that makes candidates of every ideological stripe appear ridiculous and untrustworthy."

Jim has starred in comedy specials airing on HBO, ABC, CBS and Cinemax and appeared on the Tonight Show, CNN's Crossfire, Larry King Live. Jim provides the voices for "The X-Presidents" the critically acclaimed cartoon on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, the DVD will be released in November.

In addition to his personal appearances Jim Morris is currently on tour in his new one-man show The Presidential Follies of 2006.

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