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Phil Dirt & the Dozers

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To join PHIL DIRT & THE DOZERS on the ultimate musical journey. Come travel back to a time when life was more simple . . . the world a bit smaller . . . and the cost of a new Chevy was about $2000.00. A time when poodle skirts, saddle shoes and the corner drug store were all a part of everyday life. Seem like a long time ago? It really doesn't have to!

PHIL DIRT & THE DOZERS. . . America's premiere "Rock 'N R'oldies" review (and the most popular vintage rock and roll show in the nation) will help you recapture those wonderful days! With their musical talent, high energy and contagious sense of humor, Phil Dirt & the Dozers will transport you to another time and place . . . namely, the 50's, 60's, and 70's of Rock and Roll! Imagine hearing The Four Seasons' Sherry with the original falsetto vocals intact . . . or the hauntingly beautiful Righteous Brothers' Unchained Melody. Imagine the Platters' soul-stirring Only You performed with all the scratches and skips found on a well-worn 33 1/3 record, the way the Dozers first learned it! The Phil Dirt Time Machine also stops in the '70's, where you'll experience some of this decade's greatest hits including those from the Doobie Brothers, Eagles and even the O'Jays.

The PHIL DIRT & THE DOZERS' nostalgia show encompasses three decades of great music . . . and is performed absolutely live with a sophisticated yet lighthearted approach that creates an atmosphere all age ranges will enjoy. And here's the reasons why. . .

Steve will captivate you with his beautiful voice as well as his ability to emulate famous voices of the era as he guides you on your nostalgic journey through the 50's, 60's, and 70's; Mark, (a two-time Emmy award winner) will energize you with his dynamic keyboard, saxophone and flute work; Rick will get your heart pounding to the rhythm of his wonderful percussions; Tony, who is likely to trigger a standing ovation with his gorgeous vocal talents, will also electrify you with his guitar work; Craig, whose bass provides the pulse, will enthrall you with his guitar work and vocal abilities. This is an amazingly talented group of musicians, yet very humble, professional . . . and, oh yes, charming!

As the old saying goes, success speaks for itself, and in the world of musical entertainment, the name Phil Dirt & The Dozers is synonymous with success. Why? Time after time, Phil Dirt & The Dozers have proven themselves at countless events including state and county fairs, festivals, corporate and private shows, theaters, casinos, speedways, car shows, conventions, trade shows . . . and much more. Phil Dirt & The Dozers IS the nation's #1 requested vintage rock and roll show providing fun, memories . . . and professionalism! That's a proven fact.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Phil Dirt & The Dozers is a registered Ohio corporation and has been a full-time business since 1981. Always dedicated to the success of your special event, The Dozers have been mesmerizing and winning the hearts of millions of clients and fans from the Bellaire Country Club in Beverly Hills to the stage of the Lincoln Center in New York City . . . from the sunny beaches of Hawaii to the State Fairs of America . . . and from the Caribbean to Canada. Playing their authentic style of 50's, 60's and 70's music mixed with their own comedic style of entertainment, The Dozers have always made the enjoyment of their clients and fans the number one priority.

Playing an average of 150 engagements per year, The Dozers have a phenomenal repeat booking rate of more than 60%.

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