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Right through the '80s and, indeed, the caring, sharing early '90s, you'd have achieved more credibility as a Tibetan monk playing polo than you would have by declaring a passing interest in anything remotely associated with... ahem... folk music.

Oysterband, bless 'em, had little choice in the matter. They were influenced by all manner of music, culture and style. Listened to anything and everything. But running through the entire soul of the band was a heartbeat rooted deeply in the traditional music of Britain. They originally collided in and around Canterbury University - as motley an assortment of likeminded souls that ever trod the boards. lan Telfer, the wry Scotsman with the clipped tones playing fiddle as if his life depended on it. Alan Prosser, all shaggy hair and gentle of manner, weaving magic with his guitar even way back when. And that man with the melodeon, the extraordinarily charismatic John Jones, cult hero and vocal hurricane.

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