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Danny Nova

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With his 4 octave vocal range, hitting full voice E notes above high C, this raspy-voiced acoustic rocker would turn the heads of the most famed vocalists such as Steve Perry, Ian Gillian, Robert Plant, Rod Stewart, Joe Turner and Steven Tyler. In fact, Steven Tyler has attended at least 5 of Danny's NYC performances, and Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of Kiss, attended half a dozen. Adding to that, when Danny was 19 years old, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley went to one of Danny's rehearsals where the band gave Gene and Paul a private concert. Danny recalls, "It was the first time that I had met Gene and Paul. They were like 2 kids just sitting there in front of us, no more than 10 feet away, on 2 metal fold up chairs. Cool thing was, they didn't blink an eye, look in another direction, or move from theirs seats for the entire length of our 45 minute show. When we were done playing, they got up, said they really liked what we were doing and left in somewhat of a hurry. Next thing I know, they were at our live shows."

Unlike many other rock singers who perform their best only in the studio, this emerging artist carries out this task in his live performances. His reasoning behind this is: "Why not give the fans' something to look forward to? In a live show, I use the fans energy which takes me to a much higher level that I wouldn't be able to reach on my own. It took years of onstage performances to learn how to tap into their energy, but when I do it right, they get a better performance, and I get this euphoric high that only performers who know about this stuff can get. I really have to give credit to Mike Quashie who taught me some of it. He worked energy tapping skills with Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin as well as many other major rock acts. If you Google search his name, you will find out more on him."

In the studio, Danny also has other notions outside the norm. His second CD "Best Kept Secret," was recorded LIVE with his band, at Dubway Studio's in NYC. They recorded each of the 10 songs in one take, one right after the other without stopping to listen back to the session for days to come. The session took an unheard of 2˝ hours from start to finish. When asked why he approached the recording of "Best Kept Secret," in such an off the beaten track way, Danny responded, “For me, it's about the live feel in a recording. Completing an almost all live CD, in a studio environment is really difficult, but having a kickin' band, playing it like it's a show, makes the recording exciting and undeniably interesting. Subsequently, if a potential fan knows that the CD was recorded live and they are moved by it, their mindset is; “Hey, I got to see ‘em live!”

Danny is a songwriter who is admired for his fine blending of lyrical content with melodic and flowing musical compositions. Conveying subtle messages, his lyrics are purposeful. On most of his recent works, lyrics peak the interest of the listener by arousing curiosity with his ambiguous sub-references as they swiftly move to the heart of the matter. Peer songwriters consider his lyrical content as seasoned, poised, sensitive and profound, with a thin lining of obscurity.

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