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The Gashouse Gorillas

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"When the band is having as much fun on stage as the crowd, you know you're in for a special night!"

Lou Acevedo - JSJBF Jazz & Blues Notes

The Gas House Gorillas often bring the show into the audience spurring fans to sing, dance and get wild. Cutting up with each other and the crowd, the Gorillas are more than a great band, they are great entertainers as well. The band's repertoire encompasses a broad range of styles that include Jump Blues, Gypsy Swing, early Rock & Roll, Cajun Music and even Country-Western. Artists as diverse as Wynonie Harris, Gene Autry, Sam Cooke, Cab Calloway, and Elvis Presley all coexist in the Gorillas' musical vernacular. The Gas House Gorillas are fearlessly uninhibited performers and a sure fire guarantee for a rippin' good time!


In the crowd we find a mix of knowing fans and Gorilla newcomers. The lights dim. The band takes the stage. The knowing fans take a step or two back. The unwitting newcomers fill the void in front of the stage. The knowing fans wait and watch. The Gas House Gorillas launch into their trademark opener "Powerhouse" and the newcomers get pulled into the riptide of the dancing throng! WHAM! The band is swingin' hard and fast! SLAM! Newcomers are flying in all directions, as the audience is enveloped in song after song of the most infectious American music they've ever heard! Suddenly, members of the Gorillas are venturing into the crowd. LOOK OVER THERE! Rick is belting one out from the top of the bar as Crusher attacks unsuspecting newcomers from the other end of the room. HE'S MAKING THEM SING!


At the end of the night there is an eerie calm as newcomers are helped up, dusted off and plucked out of the chandeliers to return another day as knowing fans.

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