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Marc Yaffee

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Marc is a gifted writer and performer, delivering original comedy, inspired by his multi-cultural upbringing and Native roots. Marc careens across the comedy landscape leaving a trail of laughs that has made him a hit with club, casino and corporate audiences alike. Marc combines hip, edgy observations with a rapid, one-liner delivery style.

Born in East LA at White Memorial Hospital, this Mexican-Irish-Navajo (“Mexijo”) was adopted at birth by a Mexican mother and a Jewish father. Marc was a happy baby despite an unusually large head and knock knees that resulted in a childhood of orthopedic shoes and numerous falls. Marc attended 12 years of Catholic school where he gravitated towards sports as an excuse to wear tennis shoes.

While doing sports, Marc started writing for the school newspaper, developing his love of writing that still shows in his standup today. Marc continued writing at the University of San Diego where he served as sports editor while commuting regularly to the bars of Tijuana, Mexico.

Following graduation, Marc waffled between journalism school and law school before deciding to try his hand at screenwriting. With no screenwriting experience or typing skills, Marc knocked out a Catholic coming of age script, finishing right as two movies on the same topic hit the big screen. Broke and discouraged, Marc took a temporary job with the Department of Motor Vehicles that lasted a mere 12 years.

While working at DMV, Marc was contacted by his birth mother who had given him up for adoption at birth. Marc learned of his Navajo heritage, which helped inspire his later decision to form the Trail of Laughs Pow Wow Comedy Jam. Marc opened his own traffic school in the mid-90s. Realizing that he could entertain a captive of audience of traffic violators, Marc decided to try his hand at a comedy club open mic and never looked back. Within two years, Marc won the Gold Rush Comedy Competition and landed a spot on Galavision Network’s Que Locos! comedy show. Since then, Marc has logged stage tine in 26 states, the Middle East and Asia as a professional stand-up. Marc has also written for George Carlin’s

Performing in the Trail of Laughs Pow Wow Comedy Jam, Marc discusses his odyssey as a Mexican, Irish Navajo, putting a whole new spin on multi-ethnic comedy. Throw in a neurotic Jewish wife, two home-schooled teenage daughters and 13 dogs, and you have a recipe for a comedy smorgasboard, served up Marc Yaffee style.

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