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Bryan Fontenot

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I met Bryan Fontenot, a few years ago, in a Nashville tavern. He was sitting on a barstool, on stage doing an acoustic version of any song requested from the audience. I was immediately impressed with his voice, showmanship and maturity, particularly he being such a young man. We hit it off right away and started writing and performing together. Since then, Iím proud to say, we have become more like brothers than friends. In addition to working together, Bryan recorded several demos for me, significantly improving each one with his remarkable sense of timing and harmony. Until you actually see and hear him, you may think that Iím exaggerating. But I can assure you that I am not. Bryan is the real deal. Exposed to a variety of musical influences growing up in Westlake Louisiana, Bryan Fontenot, guitar picker - bull-rider, has become a performer critically acclaimed, from coast to coast, for his outstanding vocals and electrifying stage shows. Standing in the circle of the Grand Ole Opry or among friends, he energizes an audience like no other. Country, Rock, Blues, or Western Swing, he brings his best every time he steps to the microphone. I was with Bryan at his Grand Ole Opry performance; live radio broadcast, small and large club appearances. Each time, the audience received the same incredible show. Iíve never seen anyone quite like him. I feel proud to have shared most of those stages with Bryan. He made me sound better than I was. Some performers have it, and some donít. He has it! Blessed with a heart the size of Texas, Bryan treats each person he meets, young or old; with the same care and attention he would his own family. Music aside, Bryan is an honest, friendly, funny and charitable young man. Just recently, he flew from Las Vegas to Houston, at his own expense, to attend a fundraiser for a child battling spinal bifida. To meet Bryan, off stage, you might not sense the gift of music, which lies in the heart and soul of this polite and unassuming cowboy, or the obstacles he has overcome in his life. He underwent 13 hours of reconstructive surgery, after a bull took a dislike to him, lost his Mom to Hurricane Rita, a brother to tragic death, and just recently his Dad. No doubt the journey has tempered his music with blues and soulful authenticity that comes only with experience. Bryan's heart-felt vocals personify the body and soul of music and lyric. He's believable. Each song is like having a one-on- one conversation with a friend.

Monte Burke Songwriter Producer 2007

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