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Impulsive Aggression

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Impulsive Aggression is an assault of thick crunchy guitars, thunderous bass, hardcore/melodic vocals and pounding drums with an Industrial edge. Drummer Craig Henry decided to start a new band that is now known as Impulsive Aggression. After leaving his former band, he decided to start something fresh and new instead of joining another band. After searching for musicians he finally found a killer guitar player who just moved from Oregon by the name of Joe Paniagua. With his straight up metal guitar stylings he was a perfect fit. Next was the bass player. After looking high and low Craig and Joe found a wicked bass player by the name of Mike Weber with his tight thunderous bass playing and his metal influence he was definitely the right bass player for the job. We then wanted to fatten up our sound so we added a second guitarist by the name of Jeff Ratliff, with his metal/punk influences and his precise playing he was definitley in. So with Craig Henry on drums, Joe Paniagua on guitar, Jeff Ratliff on guitar, Mike Webber on bass , and Norman Buckman on vox, this is a deadly combination that could only mean one thing HARDCORE FUCKIN METAL TO MELT YOU'R MIND TO!!!!

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