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Dj Lampy

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One of the most relevant musicians and Djs of Andalusia (Spain). He started at the decks in the year 92 /93, little by little becoming a resident Dj in various discos in the Seville Province. As a Dj he has formed part of numerous, big and important events in all Andalusia. He started in the music business at a very early age, going to music classes, piano and guitar. In 92/93 he got his first computer and started making his own tracks with the famous trackers. With the time he went expanding his equipment and improving his way of producing music, proving to be, after the publication of two of his tracks ( Maranz and Imaginations, this last one under the name of "Maschu"), the best Break Beat compilation of all times: BEAT DIS 2001! Mixed by Kultur.

At the end of 2001, Lampy formed part of the prestigious Booking Evassion, collaborating with the "Mundo Evassion" radio program, a long with Daniel Moreno, Kultür, Anuschka, Jan-B, Franxis'90, Mr. Fli, Nitro, Mike Reitmayer, Saturn Dj y Sunrise. Mundo Evassion , the leader radio program with an audience of more than 180.000 people.

In 2002, includes his production in a Break Beat compilation that can't b e missed by the break beat lovers.

Also in 2002, he started participating in Beat Zone , the second best radio program after Mundo Evassion, directed by Jan-B along with the Evassio/Reflexmusik team.

Nowadays his working system and studies are based on the control at real time (through the Midi system), his productions are made through totally manageable machines and equipment, being able to edit at any time (Real Time), such as keyboards, samplers, rhythm boxes, Sequencers , sincronizers, sound processors, etc..

His last and new productions cover a great variety of music styles such as: nu skool, 2step. We have to say that nowadays he is preparing his own Lp where we will be able to find ALL of his productions, and some remixes of musicians and Djs like Anuschka, Saturn Dj, Beat Brokers, J3 & Espi... An Lp that can´t be missed!

Today he presents his own show in BreaksFM (the best breakbeat radio station in 2003), The Last Knob Corporation Show.

His motivation, imagination and way of working his sessions and direct session quite unforgettable.

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