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John Bell

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John Bell is recognised throughout the world as an entertainer and authority on the mind. He travels far and wide as a motivational conference presenter teaching those in businesses how to harness the power of positive thought to succeed.

John is also in great demand as a black-tie after dinner speaker and uses skills acquired as a stand-up comedian to delight audiences with the amusing absurdities we encounter in life.

He is the author of over 25 books, a Master of Education, Fellow, and former vice president of the Professional Speakers Association – the British equivalent of the National Speakers Association. John was recently elected as a Fellow and first president of the Speaking Business Institute.

Using evaluation scores collated from delegates attending large meetings in Europe he has been voted ‘Best UK Conference Speaker of the Year’ on four occasions.

His polished and professional presentations ensure that delegates are educated whilst being entertained. The years he spent as a stage hypnotist will keep your audience spell-bound as he discloses amazing and useful tips one after another. Topics John is often asked to addressed in his talks included:

How to leave subliminal messages in the mind of others The part of the brain that makes decisions and how you can influence it Building a rapport with potential clients within the first two minutes An amazing mind effect and how it has been used by famous, sometimes infamous, people throughout history The power of positive imagery and forceful language.

It is not just the plethora of top tips he showers on delegates like confetti that makes him score so highly on evaluation sheets. It is as much his unique, passionate, highly amusing style of delivery that uplifts, delights and entertains.

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