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First generation American, Son of immigrants, Sergile brings music back to its roots. Going by only his last name, he brings to his audience where he has come from, who he is, and who he wants the world to get to know. Sergiles first song (titled Broken) takes you on a journey of self-denial, acceptance and eventually freedom. This young talent traveled the world with his family as a child of military officer. Eventually his family made their home in New York City, where Sergile currently lives and is recording his debut album. Sergile takes his listeners back into his Haitian roots while introducing many diverse sides of his musical taste. The eclectic blend of Jazz, Soul, Funk, Haitian Compa- and even folk- takes the listener through a cataclysmic journey into the creation of new. With a powerful, classic soulful voice, he can walk you through a melody or bring every emotion out of his listeners with passionate riffs. This songwriter has roots in art and photography that come through in his ever-changing canvas of style.

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