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Tim Autrey

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Tim Autrey is a man of incredible passion. He lives his life out loud...on purpose. He's an adoring husband, proud father, loving son; an organic gardener and gourmet cook. He loves to speak and to engage people's emotions, touch their hearts; to energize and inspire.

Tim is the author of "Conquering the Challenge of Change: How to Gain [or Regain] Control of Your Future", published by Brainware™. He is creator and author of the Creattitude™ series, offering insights on slices of life (featured at, and soon to be broadcast on television stations throughout the world).

California-born, raised in the mainstream of the sixties and seventies, Tim captured a unique perspective and understanding of personal and corporate human effort. He was a successful entrepreneur at the age of seventeen. At nineteen, he chose to enter the United States Navy (where he was awarded "Sailor of the Year" in 1984). He completed his bachelor's degree in Economics with a 4.0 GPA (while raising a family).

Tim has spent several years working with the nuclear power industry. He has successfully trained and worked with Operations, Maintenance, Licensing, and senior management teams for such companies as Gulf States Utilities, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Carolina Power and Light (CP&L) and Vermont Yankee. He was a key member of the management turnaround team at CP&L's Brunswick Nuclear Plant, where he coordinated human performance enhancement efforts for the shortest (and most successful) plant turnaround ever in the history of that industry.

Tim's "break the rulz" approach highlights the incredible importance of attitude, and a commitment to the success of the individual as a critical component of the success of any organization.

Tim Autrey is a man who honestly believes that anything is possible. He has no judgment. He holds no prejudice. Recognizing the opportunity in most any circumstance, he holds fast to an intense personal mission: The maximization of human possibility - personally and corporately.

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