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Sam Geist

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Sam Geist has, for the last 14 years distinguished himself as a professional speaker, consultant and facilitator to a diverse group of organizations across North and South America.

"As a speaker and facilitator, my role is to motivate, to stimulate, to challenge, to ask questions‹to search for answers. I always ask, 'Why should someone do business with you... rather than someone else?' It's the toughest question I know. One that every organization must ask everyday, and must answer honestly.

In today's highly competitive business environment, monologuing about our quality, our service, our operations and our staff is out. . We must ask & answer, what it is about our quality, service, operations and staff that makes us different, makes us special, makes us better, makes someone want to do business with us, rather than someone else. Questions inspire thought. Answers motivate action, and doing it, rather than just talking about it, is what itıs all about."

Before each session, he conducts industry-related and company specific research, including distributing his "What Hurts" questionnaire to program organizers. Utilizing his own business experiences (as former owner/operator of a national sporting goods chain and as president of a marketing and consulting firm) and the information gathered, Sam customizes motivational "ideas" seminars, training sessions, and hands-on interactive workshops, as well as his handout materials, to provide well focused, actionable solutions.

His customer service, merchandising and business strategy programs are customized "ideas" presentations prepared specifically to maximize participant productivity. Recent audiences include Hewlett-Packard, Atlas Van Lines, McDonaldıs, RE/MAX, Bell Mobility, Immigration & Naturalization Services, General Motors, 3M, Microsoft and the Royal Bank of Canada to name just a few!

By program's end, participants are informed and energized, ready "to act."

Sam writes regularly for a wide variety of North American publications, his topics mirroring those about which he usually speaks. His first book, "Why Should Someone Do Business With You...Rather Than Someone Else?İ" published by Addington & Wentworth, Inc. was #1 on The Financial Postıs Best-selling Business Book List. To extend the parameters of questioning, of answering, of planning and of changing discussed in "Why Should Someone Do Business With You...Rather Than Someone Else?" an accompanying workbook has just been published.


1. "Why Should Someone Do Business With You...Rather Than Someone Else?" - on getting and keeping customers

2. "Look Out! Here Comes Tomorrow" - on the challenges and opportunities of change

3. "If I Hear Customer Service One More Time, I'll…" - on customer service

4. "Mind Your Own Business... Or Someone Else Will" - on business details

5. "Differentiate... or Die" - on tactical marketing strategy


6. "Meeting The Challenge of Goliath" - on competing in today's marketplace

7. "Start-up, Growth, Maturity & Decline" - on business management

8. "You Pay Bills With Dollars... Not Percentages" - on merchandising

NEW Program

9. "Would You Work For You?" - the art & craft of outstanding leadership

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