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Rick Barrera

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In 1981 Rick Barrera founded his consulting and training firm to identify and teach the distinctions Peak Performers make to produce exceptional results. He first applied these principles to sales and service organizations writing three books in the process. “Non-Manipulative Selling” published by Prentice Hall, “Collaborative Selling” published by John Wiley and Sons and “The Dollars and Sense of Exceptional Service Delivery.

In his consulting work with sales and service teams in the corporate world he discovered that in most cases Peak Performance was thwarted by the processes, systems and structures in which most people worked. He focused his research on these issues and soon developed a body of work entitled “Fast Forward: Embracing the Challenges of the 21st Century.” In his Fast Forward work Rick shows organizations why the mindsets, systems and processes they’ve used in the past won’t win today’s never-satisfied customers in a marketplace where supply exceeds demand. He then helps companies redesign their systems to move “Fast Forward” in this new hyper competitive space.

In his systems work Rick discovered that often a company’s strategy is outdated or inappropriate for their competitive environment so he invented a strategy creation process designed to leapfrog the competition by moving at “Warp Speed. His keynote on the topic is entitled Warp Speed-Winning and Losing at the Speed of Light.

Rick was one of the first speakers to see the possibility for creating untold wealth by unleashing the value of Intellectual Capital. In his speech and workshop “Leveraging Intellectual Capital” he shows companies how to unlock their IC wealth.

Rick’s newest speech "E Business: The New Economics of Information" was born when The Internet and The Network Economy threatened virtually every incumbent by obliterating the tradeoffs between the “economics of information” and the economics of matter.

Each year he delivers over 100 keynote addresses to companies such as Abbott Labs, AT&T, AutoZone, Caterpillar, IBM, Intel, Merrill Lynch, Tupperware International and Xerox. Because he continues to consult a with a few select clients each year, his material is always relevant, fresh and grounded in the current realities of the marketplace.

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