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Neal Barnard

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Dr. Neal Barnard is president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), a nationwide group of physicians based in Washington, D.C., that promotes preventive medicine and addresses controversies in modern medicine.

As president of PCRM, Dr. Barnard has been instrumental in reforming federal dietary guidelines. In his published research reports, Dr. Barnard has shown that bad diets not only cause health problems, but are also responsible for up to $60 billion every year in health-care costs.

Dr. Barnard also heads PCRM’s clinical research program. PCRM’s most recent research studies, conducted in conjunction with Georgetown University, have explored the role of diet in diabetes and in the control of estrogen activity. PCRM also conducts education and advocacy programs on diet and health.

Dr. Barnard's interest in healthful eating evolved over many years. His family background includes both doctors and cattle ranchers—two groups that are increasingly butting heads over health issues. Dr. Barnard is the author of five books, the most recent of which is Foods That Fight Pain (Harmony Books, 1998). His other titles include Eat Right, Live Longer (Harmony Books, 1995) and Food for Life (Harmony Books, 1993). Dr. Barnard is also the editor of Good Medicine.

PCRM deals with other controversies in medicine, including ethical issues in human research and the need for alternatives to animal experimentation.

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