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Jack Singer

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Dr. Jack holds a doctorate (Ph.D.) in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and a post-doctorate specialty in Clinical Psychology. His doctoral research was funded by the IRS and Department of Labor, as he examined job stress among IRS tax collection agents! (pssst so feel free to ask him for tips if you ever get audited!) Dr. Jack has taught in the Psychology Department of eight universities, including the U.S. Air Force Academy. He has been awarded the Diplomate in Behavioral Medicine by the American Academy of Behavioral Medicine. This is recognition by Dr. Jack's psychologist peers for his years of successfully treating individuals suffering from anxiety, fears and phobias. He has also been recognized with a Certification in Clinical Hypnosis, by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. But Jack was not always intent on becoming a psychologist. Once a budding stand-up comic, he landed a role in a "Here's Lucy" segment with Lucille Ball. Ms. Ball tactfully suggested that Jack complete his education instead of considering a show business career! So, armed with his doctorate and 20 years of consulting experience, Dr. Jack joined the National Speakers Association and it has been a love affair ever since. Referred to as the "Frasier of Las Vegas," he hosts a weekly live television segment in Vegas, entitled "Psychologically Speaking" and he regularly appears on the Talk America radio network across the U.S. and Canada. Jack's writings appear in Human Resources, Psychology and Medical Journals across the country. He is the author of "Conquering Your Internal Critic So You Can Sing Your Own Song" and several self-help tapes, including "How to Make Lemonade When Life Hands You Lemons."

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