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Earl Morrall

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When the Miami Dolphins claimed quarterback Earl Morrall off waivers from Baltimore in April of 1972, they never could have anticipated the valuable role he would play in the team's future. Morrall, an NFL veteran from the crew-cut era, would step in after a week 5 injury to Bob Griese, preserving the Dolphins' unbeaten string and their hopes for Super Bowl glory.

Reflecting back on the perfect season (17-0) 25 years ago, Morrall remembers the focus and drive every member of the team possessed. "I was not a part of the team in 1971 when it lost to Dallas in the Super Bowl, but you could see it in everyone that their only mission was to get back there and redeem themselves," recalls Morrall. "You could feel the confidence and desire in every aspect of our game. Losing was never brought up, except in the media." With Morrall leading the offense until Griese's return, losing wasn't only never brought up, it never occurred that season.

The 1972 Dolphins MVP has been very active in the South Florida community since his retirement from football. He has held political office in Davie, Florida as Mayor, and Councilman and now lends his time to the Boys and Girls Clubs throughout Broward County. Morrall has a couple of golf related ventures as well. He is still involved with Arrowhead Golf Course of Davie, which he sold to American Golf a few years ago, and he works with Golf Scoring Systems, an on-board computer system for golf carts. The Davie resident is married to Jane and has five children, Matthew, 40, Mardi, 38, Mindi, 35, Mitch, 29, Megan, 24, and five grandchildren. In his spare time, Earl enjoys golf and spending time with his family.

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