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Coy Lasone (Comedian)

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Coy LaSone is the first to admit that his comedic talent is medicine for the soul. But what inspires him most when making his audience laugh is knowing that his wittiness is definitely a gift from God.

Sinbad, Chris Tucker, Mark Lowry, and Jerry Seinfeld are his predecessor. Coy's Comedic expressions are taken from simple everyday living; and everyday living is how Coy’s talent was discovered.

Native New Yorker, Coy LaSone began making people laugh while riding to school on the back of the bus. Coy knew if he could make people laugh through everyday encounters, he could possibly make people laugh on stage. Coy proceeded with his mission to do just that, pursue his passion for comedy professionally and with great excellence.

Coy LaSone's professional career began by doing stand-up at countless church events; however, he did not limit himself to the gospel sector. He started captivating audiences on numerous college campuses from UCLA in California to Howard University in Washington DC. It didn’t take long for his talent to be nationally known. Coy was awarded first place in his region (The Chosen Competition) by a panel of judges in which he was given the opportunity to display his talent in New York City. In addition, Coy was a runner up in the International Boston Comedy Festival where he was chosen out of 200 international Comedians.

Coy's uncanny ability to make people laugh is unbelievable, and his comic timing is unstoppable. His audience is very diverse (anyone that has a gut to bust). His bright eyes, deep smile and natural wit are an automatic magnet that makes an everlasting first impression.

Currently Coy LaSone is fulfilling several stand-up commitments as well as preparing himself for future acting projects with his acting coach. Coy LaSone is single and resides in the Washington DC area.

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