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Live and direct from the Northwest is an intensely skilled group of artists representing the key elements of Hip Hop (MCs, Producers and B-Boys), all on an unstoppable mission to bring an original sound to the culture and nation of Hip Hop.

RASCALZ (Red 1, Misfit, Kemo, Dedos and Zebroc) are a tight knit group of friends hailing from Vancouver, BC, poised and ready to cover the globe with conscious lyrics and hard-core rhythms. Six years ago, they began their quest to bring Rap fans back to Hip Hop. What began as a group of dancers getting together and making music for fun, evolved into a hip hop group on a mission to create music that is about real life, without solely focusing on negative experiences.

After recording their first album, RASCALZ signed with a local indie label and later secured a distribution deal with Sony Music Canada. Leaving no doubt that they had arrived, RASCALZ earned a Juno nomination, produced a video that stayed at #1 for 4 weeks on MuchMusic's RAP CITY countdown, ventured on a national tour and sold more than 20,000 units in Canada.

But they didn't stop there. In 1994, RASCALZ decided that it was time to take control of their destiny and learn all the basics of the biz. So, with nothing but their determination and a true respect for the music that they create, RASCALZ formed Figure IV Records.

What sets RASCALZ part from the rest? Well, according to the group it is the essence of their music. "We each bring different techniques to the songs and we each allow the beats and lyrics to flow from deep within our souls," says Red 1. Misfit credits their pure skills as the reason that they are different. "No frills, just ripped mics, busted speakers and rocked floors, nothing but raw elements for the crowd to feed off of and enjoy."

Now RASCALZ are headed on a new journey. Recently, they became the newest members of the BMG family with that includes the release of their third album, Cash Crop by Figure IV Records and BMG Music Canada. "Cash Crop" is a 17-track explosion of raw loops, mesmerizing beats and poetic interjection, courtesy of the lyrical wizardry of Red 1 and Misfit and the production genius of DJ Kemo.

From the lead single, "Dreaded Fist," to tracks like "Solitaire Remix" and "Temptation," RASCALZ have opened everyone's eyes to the talent that descends from the 49th parallel. In their own words, "It's not where you're from, just how you come and we come correct!!!"

Added to their growing list of accomplishments is a third Juno nomination for Best Rap Performance ("FitnRedi"). With a new label, the release of their third album, and a third nomination for one of the highest honors in the Canadian music industry, RASCALZ are "FitnRedi" to put Canada on the map as key players in the Hip Hop nation.

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