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Rappers James Trujillo a.k.a. Jay Tee and Tim Lyon a.k.a. T.L. comprise N2DEEP, the Vallejo, California based rap group that debuted in 1993 with the LP, Back To The Hotel. Back To The Hotel would go on to sell an astonishing nine hundred thousand copies earning N2DEEP a GOLD album certification and a PLATINUM single certification and placing them among the ranks of the hip-hop elite.

A sold out world tour followed shortly thereafter with other headliners MC Hammer, DJ Quik, and Tag Team. With fame, fortune and critical acclaim, N2DEEP remained successful and did not receive the all too often seen "backlash" against white and Latino rap artists and one-hit wonders (read: Vanilla Ice, Mellow Man Ace). Instead of becoming jokes in the music business and among hip-hop fans, N2DEEP stood for all that was right about hip-hop music and our culture and became respected for their talent, diversity and their determination to succeed.

In 1994, N2DEEP returned with their sophomore release 24-7-365 which brought us a more polished and diverse N2DEEP and spawned the hit singles, Deep N2 The Game and California Hot Tubs. Selling over four hundred thousand copies, 24-7-365 proved that N2DEEP did not fall victim to the "sophomore album curse" and could still deliver hits.

After a three-year hiatus from recording, N2DEEP returned to the studio in 1997 to create what is said to be one of their best pieces of work, their third album entitled GOLDEN STATE. Instead of a commercial radio feel, GOLDEN STATE gave us a rougher side of N2DEEP that you could tell from their hard line delivery and subject matter, the members had gone through a lot of changes over the years.

1998 and 2000 respectively brought us the fourth and fifth albums from N2DEEP, first The Rumble and then Slightly Pimpish, Mostly Doggish. Both of these albums had the usual pimpiní, player, hustler vibe that we came to know and love from N2DEEP but also introduced us to the Latino influenced side of the group (Jay Tee is half Mexican) and earned N2DEEP a whole new fan base among Latino rap audiences.

Having worked with everyone from E-40 to Too $hort from Kid Frost to Lighter Shade of Brown, from the late, Roger Troutman to Michael Cooper of ConFunkShun, N2DEEP has firmly established themselves as a powerhouse in the hip-hop world. With street credibility and commercial appeal, these two are definitely not to be slept on and from the looks of their impressive resume. "I donít think they will ever stop!!!

Over 2.5 million albums sold and still pushiní this legal dope"

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