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The St. Louis based group, consisting of Goblin aka G-O, Synista and Escalade, has managed to march forward on their own, garnering the respect of the music industry locally and beyond. The group has performed with such industry staples as Fabolous, Ja-Rule, Xzibit and 8-Ball & MJG. They have also recorded jams with Atlantic artists Trina and Lina. n2Abyss' fun, party-oriented, yet often thought-provoking lyrics are like a fresh breeze through a sweaty men's locker room. The group purposely transcends run-of-the-mill gangsta themes to create a refreshingly fun album.

The book definition of an n2Abyss is "an immeasurably deep gulf or great space," but the group applies this to their immense talent and potential. "We are a collective of talent, immeasurable depth with no true form," says Synista. Agreeing, Escalade says, "You can't classify us as any type of rapper, a gangsta rapper or commercial, we bring everything." The fellas say n2Abyss also represents their hometown of St. Louis where the "darkness" hides a lot of the talent living there.

The group naturally came together as Goblin and Synista struck up a friendship while working at a dollar movie theatre in the city. Over the course of a few months, the two began spittin' hot verses to each other, which soon lead to a mutual respect for each's superior rhyme skills. Eventually, G-O's first cousin, Escalade, was destined to also be a member of n2Abyss as he too excelled in the art of rhyme.

Surprisingly, the group started to record high quality demos in the summer of 2000. After failing to get a deal, n2Abyss took a different route to gain notoriety in St. Louis. "We started pumpin' our stuff to the radio stations and the radio (people) started passing it to this station and that station," Escalade explains. "Next thing you know, they was calling." By the next summer they had secured their deal with Atlantic Records based off the strength of the music and listener response throughout the Midwest.

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