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Malcolm Palmer

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malcolm palmer is a singer, songwriter, poet, actor, playwright, and transient, hip hop troubadour. he is twenty six, created in albuquerque new mexico, currently creating in chicago. he was awarded an Artist Fellowship award from the Illinois Arts council in 2002 for an obscure folk record called the please album. he has recorded three other full length records of the obscure folk variety: hang a rope on down, the mortician, and thieves and slaves. he is arrivals and departures. his wordy folk music evolved into acoustic hip hop on his latest album, between the womb and the tomb: intelligent, relevant, beat poetry rhymes, spit on top of acoustic riffs that ruffle the feathers, vocals bursting into satisfying, melodic, and memorable chorus. he br ings the craft of songwriting, in the folk tradition, to hip hop. he believes that hip hop and folk music are similar in that both were created by and exist for the people: the many neglected and not the few privileged. raised in the shadow of a corporation, he is determined to inspire you to be creative and not merely overly productive, forced to consume your own excess. he is committed to the rights of the individual and to the empowerment of the individual. he believes in evolution and revolution, reparations, and in the abolition of executions, corporations, democracy in a capitalist system, and money itself. he is roaming flaming streets and the stair wells of falling buildings, he is the shadow lurking, the ears listening, solemn vibrations of truth, notes of light reflected in mirrors of antiquity. he is striving to heighten his senses, his consciousness, his awareness, and his capacity to live, love, learn, create and grow. he is nourished by art and kindness in stra ngers and honest endeavors with the good soul at stake.

if we listen we will hear what to do. he is unsatisfied too. a radical rebel who will never settle. reconstruction, reparations, rehabilitation? yes, yes, yes...anything to fix the plumbing or hurry along the fall. he intends to affect change by reaching out to individuals and posing himself as a reflection, urging people to become what they want to become, what they deserve to become, what they are meant to become, and to seek and serve a purpose between the womb and the tomb.

DO NOT EXPECT TO DIE. even if your body stops working. he believes firmly in magic and sorcery. that he is a sorcerer of the source, that all is the source\\\'s musical expansion, and that humans are becoming ever more aware of their limitless capabilities and infinite potential. there is no mortality only divinity. he believes the universe is a plant that is an organism and an environment, like humans, and when we hurt any part of the whole we hurt the whole soul (have you ever seen a leaf try to bite its branch?). he believes in and stands for healing, learning, growth, humility, and the continuation of life, survival at all costs. he loves writing and reading and listening to music and sitting still in nature and absorbing sun and sipping moon, connecting stars, feeling soil sift between fingers and toes, smell of flowers, warm body, sweet sweat, grass, food cooking, fresh bread, chocolate, coffee, and smoke. (he is roaming sewers and abandoned subway tracks where pack s of jack knives live stacked back to back) humanity can will and is willing its evolution and is leaning towards the next phase, free handed and lips flapping in the oblivion. above all he values love, truth, curiosity, imagination, and creativity.

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