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Gangsta Boo

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Like MC's from the South, female rappers have never gotten their just due. Three 6 Mafia's Gangsta Boo will be the one placing both rappers from the South and female rappers on top of hip-hop's hierarchy. Enquiring Minds, her Hypnotize Minds/Relativity Records debut, establishes the Tennessee native as one of rap's fiercest entertainers.

"People are checking for the Memphis flow," Boo proudly proclaims. "They're looking for something different. I'm glad I'm not from an already established rap city because people have already shined from there. All the clout I'm getting, I'm working for it."

Widely heralded for her fiery appearances on Three 6 Mafia's gold Chpt. 2:World Domination album, Indo G's "Remember Me Ballin'" and MAG's "How U Like It," Gangsta Boo has demonstrated her ability to shine on successful projects. Expect the same on Enquiring Minds.

In a display of well-deserved confidence, Boo's "Where Dem Dollars At," the LP's lead single, strays from the Mafia's trademark rowdy sound. Building off a bluesy guitar and gentle keyboards, the track offers a more relaxed side of Gangsta Boo. Showing her lyrical diversity, the Volunteer State native urges her female listeners to make sure that their men can provide for them before they have children.

Elsewhere, however, the Mafia's signature "buck" sound emerges. "Kill, Kill, Kill, Murder, Murder, Murder" and ³Who We Be" contain the aggressive, uptempo, dance-inducing instrumentation that Three 6 Mafia fans know and love. In fact, the song's easily chanted choruses will likely remind fans of Three 6 Mafia's massive underground hit "Tear Da Club Up" and "Hit A Mutha****."

But don't think that Boo's relying on a simple gimmick to get her point across. Her ferocious rhyme skills and authoritative delivery place Boo in a class all by herself.

"I'm different from all of the female rappers out there. I'm not using sex to sell," Boo says of her lyrical slant. "I use my lyrics and my skills."

Although Gangsta Boo doesn't glamorize the ghetto, she still speaks about living there. While she refuses to deliver sensationalized sex capers, Boo frankly discusses her sex life. On a track like "I'll Be The Other Women," Boo demands respect from the man she's involved with.

This type of steadfastness in her relationships earned Boo a spot in Three 6 Mafia. She attended the same high school as DJ Paul, who, along with Juicy J, produced Enquiring Minds. Before Three 6 Mafia became the unstoppable force that it is today, DJ Paul released a number of legendary underground mix tapes. Because Boo impressed Paul so thoroughly, he had no choice but to showcase her voice on his tapes.

Yet even as the demand for Boo began mounting, a fair number of naysayers attempted to persuade her to pursue another career.

"I was real excited, but everybody was telling me not to do it because we were underground," Boo recalls. "We weren't making that much money and no one thought it was going to work out. But I just stuck with it because I knew that it was something that I wanted to do. I knew how much potential Three 6 Mafia had--that sooner or later, we were gonna be huge and blow up. Plus, everybody was asking about me, so he kept putting me on more and more tapes."

Fortunately for the rap world, Gangsta Boo believed in herself. Today she stands as the most anticipated female rapper. With Enquiring Minds, Gangsta Boo has created an album that is undeniably fabulous. Her time is now.

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