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DJ Patricia Star

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Patricia Starr has for the last few years been one of the top female djs on the New York’s underground house scene. Simultaneously a producer, remixer and a world-renowned DJ, New York’s Patricia Starr has become well known playing parties across the US, Europe and Canada. Her signature style can be described as tribal-progressive with a touch of vocals. With lots of bass and heavy drums; Starr’s dance floor is what makes her stand out, always moving and full of energy.

Born in Poland, Patricia spent her childhood studying piano and dance. In her early teens she discovered pop and rock music and started collecting tapes and LP’s. She played them at school dances always in charge of the music. When she moved to New York in her mid teens, Starr was first introduced to Hip-Hop and freestyle music, House music came next. Her influences come from legendary artists like David Morales, Junior Vasquez and Madonna. All being born the same week of August and being Leo, Patricia finds a special bond with them reflective with constant persistence, ability to be in control and tired less work ethic.

Starr was first drawn to turntables after seeing DJ Junior Vasquez @ Tunnel and legendary Arena @ Palladium. She started out Djing on college radio @ Saint John’s and later New York University where she studied Music Technology. Since then Patricia Starr has played at virtually every New York club including: Cheetah, Tunnel, Life, China Club, Roxy, NV, Chaos, Mint, MK, Hush, Eugenes, Luanh, The Elbow Room, Wik, Fat Black Pussy Cat, Float, Tavern, Webster Hall, Nyla, AnJu, Groove Jet, Faluka, El Flamingo, Powder, Siren, Crane Club, The World , Discotheque as well as: Sneeky Pete's (Albany NY), Zachary's (LI NY), Europa Club (Bkln NY), Virgo 64 (Bkln NY ), South Park (NJ), Vertigo (NJ), X L (NJ), Center (NJ),Cricket Club (NJ), Graduate (CA), Club UN (Chicago) Internationally, Starr has played extensively in her native Poland, as well as other countries. She has graced various venues such as: Faros Club (Sidari-Corfu), NRG Club (Chania Creta), Sax Club (Corfu), Porto Paradiso Club (Chalchidiki), Cavo Paradiso Club (Mykonos), Sabbia (Mykonos), Club Mad (Mykonos) Dome and the Jet Club in Montreal and Urban Experience (Serbia)(lifka) .

Patricia Starr lives by a golden rule “If you want something, make it your life. Live it and breath it, eat it and bleed it and never give up.” That has made her one of the most respected and innovative DJs on the music scene today.

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