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DJ Homicide

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Early ambitions: This radio station called KDAY, this 1580 am station, it was the only all hip hop format ever. They played hip hop 24 hours a day. And it was focused on the DJ's and it was based around straight hip hop DJing. That's where I got all my influence from. Guys like DJ Cash Money, Joe Coolie- he was a mix master on KDAY, DJ M-Walk, Tony Gonzalez, Ralph M (from Funkdoobiest) have all influenced me. Nowadays guys like D Styles, the Scratch Pickles and the Beat Junkies are doing cool stuff. I'm influenced by what people do and it influences me to do something different. If I hear there's a style out, that makes me want to do something different. Not trying to be rebellious, I just want to keep inventing and moving forward. I just try to be creative in my own way. If there's a style out, that means somebody's already doing it. So what you're hearing means that they thought of that five months ago, so you know? That's the way I see it, anyway.

Hobbies: DJing is my biggest hobby. When I'm not working with Sugar Ray, I'm spinning hip hop records, practicing scratching or just messing around and making beats. I use a SP 1200, a MPC 3000 and a MPC 2000 to make my stuff. And I have a Ensoniq ASR10 keyboard that I use. At home, I'm either making beats or playing SONY Playstation. Everybody at my house plays MLB '98 non stop. I used to be into Sega and that old hockey game they had, I think it was NHL '93. When the band lived together in LA, I played it with Murf so much we wore the cartridge out. We'd get into such heated games, it was crazy. Every time we came home from a tour it was either race to Del Taco or race to Sega '93.

Favorite Concert: RUN DMC at the Fresh Fest in 1984. The Raising Hell concert. It was the first time I got to see anybody in concert and there was 20,000 people there so it was a big deal. It made a huge impact on me. All the shows were based around the DJ's, so again, there's that influence.

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