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DJ Enuff

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DJ Enuff is one of New York City's most forceful mixers because the love of music fueled his experiences. He has driven a promo van for KISS FM. He has filled in for Red Alert at parties and on the radio. He has rocked the tables at KISS FM with his own show. He has toured with the Notorious B.I.G. all over the U.S. He has sold classic mix tapes. He has produced street hits. DJ Enuff also, rocks the tables on WQHT (Hot 97) along side Angie Martinez. But there are no selfish motives behind his career. He did it all for the music. Even with such an impressive track record, Enuff remains unassuming.

"I respect my art form and I respect people in general. I've always been modest and humble about my work. I didn't blow up as fast, but I have the longevity that a lot of disc jockeys don't have." But despite his humility, Enuff can't help loving the attention. "The fact that I'm speaking to a million listeners in cars, homes, streets, stores, vendors, headsets, every nook and cranny of our Big Apple every week is the ultimate high. You can't see it, but you can imagine it. On the other hand, when you're on the road you can see it. You can taste it and feel it. When I toured with Biggie, we did everything from rinks to full-fledged stadiums. Looking back, I probably would have paid BIG for that experience."

Every DJ needs models to emulate and street credibility. Enuff has both. His apprenticeship under Red Alert gave him someone to look up to. "Red Alert got me started deejaying. I was his Cipha Sounds. My influences include Red Alert, Grandmaster DST, Clark Kent, Skratch, Grandmaster Flash, GW Theodore and Fat Raul from the original Latin Quarters."

Enuff's street credibility comes from his successful mixtapes and producing. His tapes were known for their crisp mixing, scratching, cutting, and intelligent song selection. Some of his classic mixtapes include "Best of Premier," "2 and Pass," and "Big Man On The Beach." His producer credits include the platinum hit remix "Get Money" for Junior Mafia and "You're Nobody Till Somebody Kills You" for Biggie's last album. Because of his visibility and expertise, Def Jam records, the industry giant, hired him as an A&R. A&R and deejaying are vastly different. "It's one thing to play hits in the clubs and on the radio. It's different to go and find the hits. I have to turn a lemon into an orange. It's more mental…you have to find the perfect marriage between the artist and the music. You get the response, the feeling, then you know it's right."

But his current projects won't quench this thirsty hip-hop professional. Enuff has bigger plans. "I have opened up my own record pool, Heavy Hitters. I want to find my own artists on my own independent label. I also want to open up a day care center." No matter what he does, there is purity behind Enuff's purpose. He reflects on the days when he was merely Ephrem Lopez, living in Flatbush, Brooklyn, devoted to the music and the culture. "I'm not on the take. If I like something, I go for it. Sometimes I miss a record, but it's my job as a DJ to play what the people want. I'm known for rap and R&B, but I love reggae, salsa, and merengue so much, people like Hector Lavoe, Marc Anthony, Willie Colon. I never forgot where I came from, or my parents, or where I was raised. It's a part of my roots of playing; I can't leave it alone. I play classics, house, everything. I love music." And as long as he loves what he plays, New York will love listening.

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