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Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band

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This is the band that thrust Warner Brothers Records into the lucrative R&B marketplace, with their classic recording of "Do Your Thing," and as of today their signature song "Express Yourself," has appeared on at least a dozen motion picture sound tracks, and is featured in almost twice as many television comercials. Their version of the song sells Nike shoes, Rhodes Furniture, Burger King Whopers, Germany's Bit Burger Beer, Red Lobster dinners in Canada, Algida Ice Cream, in Europe and Hanes underware worlwide.

With trend-setting hits like, "Spreading Honey", "Do Your Thing", "Till You Get Enough", "Love Land", "Solution For Pollution", "You're So Beautiful", "Your Love"(means everything to me) and the ever unfolding "Express Yourself," Wright and his crew practically dominated the music scene in the latter sixties and the mid seventies.

Responsible for a legion of succesful hits prior to the band's rise, Charles Wright wrote most of the band's material. His music is subsequently sampled by Puff Daddy Combs, N.W.A., Silk Da'Shocker, Naughty By Nature, Musiq Soul Child, Zapp/Roger, Solo, Junior,Custard, A Tribe Called Quest, GangStarr, Brand Nubian Funk, KSR, Les McCan, Della Reese, DMX, Courtship, and Ray Charles.

The Los Angeles Lakers uses Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhytm Band's Version of "Express Yourself," in their startup games. Kinko's uses it in their international marketing campaign, as does Jergen's Lotion and The Jenny Jones Show. Among the band's movie credits are Cop's & Robberson, Panther, Boogie Nights, The People vs. Larry Flint, Addams Family Values, Cotton Comes To Harlem, Never Die Along, Remember The Titans, and soon to be released, Stander.

Due to the fact that, Gatorade chose Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Band's version of "Express Yourself," for its 2004 television campaign, and the NBA is featuring it concurrently in their "I Love This Game," crusade, both the band and "Express Yourself," are enjoying a double dose of renewed popularity.

Meanwhile, Charles Wright is preparing two separates new CDs, one of which is the deliciously funky "Unseen Dirt, Still Hurt" featuring he and the band, the other; his very own authentic Mississippi Blues solo effort "High Maintenance Woman." Both Cds imparts his usual "Played by Human Beings, Not by Machines," slogan and are scheduled for an early 2004 summer release.

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