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Canibus. The type to fight for mics. In nineteen hundred and ninety-eight a new breed of emcee has begun to emerge. Hip-hop's youth seem to be getting tired of the same old same old. As a result, they're looking directly at their peers to bring back the kind of energy and excitement that only the young and the restless can provide. Much in the same way that Nas was billed as the return of the thinking man's emcee, Canibus has been hailed as the latest incarnation of the raw-as-red meat/battle/freestyle/bragging-and-boasting emcee that has always been the spark to ignite hip-hop's most blazing fires.

Canibus' intoxicating lyrical smoke finally began to reach the surface in the last couple of years via the tried and true route of the mix-tape. Verbally vicious and telekinetically gifted, Canibus has the rap world buzzing at a volume almost unheard of for a new artist. With 110% of his energy devoted to his chosen trade, Canibus explains without a hint of regret, "A lot of other areas of my life are incomplete, based off the fact that I love this shit so much ... I don't have a steady girl, 'cause I don't have no time, and I ain't tryin' to make no time."

Canibus' official touch down on wax took place with Heltah Skeltah on the Rhyme & Reason soundtrack, although his verse on the Lost Boyz' "Beasts From the East" was probably the first time that most people ever heard the take-no-prisoner rhyme style of the capital C. But things ain't really set off until he blazed LL's all-star extravaganza, "4,3,2, 1. " That record also generated a rap avalanche that is still gaining momentum.

Having gotten his chance to respond to the Ladies Love, Canibus appears content to let it ride. "Now that I got that off my chest, I'm tryin' to get on wit' my life. I got a lot of other issues to talk about."

Aside from countless mix-tape performances and his work with/on LL, Canibus has formed an alliance with Wyclef Jean, who produced "Second Round K.O.," rhyming on 'Clef's "Gone Till November" remix and all-new B-side, "No Airplay." He's also been touring with Wyclef and the Refugee camp, recently touching down in Jamaica to rock MTV's spring break.

With a second-round knockout under his belt, the lyrical heavyweight is in the studio with DJ Premier, putting the finishing touches on his debut album. Don't expect any pretty party joints from this rough and rugged emcee-Canibus has arrived to bend words through sheer will power, having no interest whatsoever in making you dance. There can be no doubt that Canibus should be the man the entire rap world looks to in '98-'99 in the quest for an ill-lyrical emcee to be a hit in these champagne-soaked last days and times. The question: Can-l-bus? The answer: most definitely.

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