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The Bad Seed

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Explosive, dynamic, smooth and unstoppable are just a few of the words that describe The Bad Seed. Growing up in Brooklyn, The Bad Seed got his name by running the streets and reeking havoc in the Hip Hop world. His love for the rap game started with some of the legends, such as Bid Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, and Rakim. He soon realized that he had the skills and the desire to make music his life. He began to pursue a career in music and quickly developed a distinctive style. With a deep voice, hard lyrics, and a witty flow, The Bad Seed easily began to create a loyal following.

In 2000, The Bad Seed released the single, “For The Kids”. The record was produced by Nottz (who also produced hits for Busta Rhymes, M.O.P., Biggie Smalls) and sold 10,000 units. It became a favorite of Dj Funkmaster Flex and was played more than 40 times on New York’s Hot 97FM.

In 2001, The Bad Seed released the single, “Uhhnnh” which was also produced by Nottz. Again, Funkmaster Flex loved the single and put it on his album 60 Minutes of Funk Vol. 4. which went platinum. “Uhhnnh” debuted at #5 on the Rap Singles Billboard chart and #83 on the Hot R&B Hip Hop Singles. It was a top 15 Rap Single for 8 weeks in Billboard, clocked in 250 BDS detections, and sold over 27,000 units. It was not long before the majors took notice. In 2001, Warner Bros. Records signed The Bad Seed, however the deal was short lived due to staff changes. That didn’t stop The Bad Seed.

Recently, The Bad Seed has hit the mixtape circuit and has been featured on K-Slay, Bobby Trends, Dj Absolut, and Green Lantern’s mixtapes. He also released his own mixtape Super-Vol.1 With Me Or Against Me which sold 3000 copies without distribution and was featured in The Source magazine as one of the hottest mixtapes of the month. He has since released two more mixtapes which have been street hits and has a club remix with Usher called “Ride” that is tearing up radio and the clubs across the country. His one of a kind flow and loyal following has created a buzz that will launch him into stardom.

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