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Bad Azz

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"Our music and our stories come from the street. Rappers are not here to cause problems. We're just telling y'all about the world we live in. That's the way it is."

To rap fans around the globe, the name, Mr. Bad Azz, may not ring a bell, but chances are you've heard his voice on more than one occasion. At age 23, Bad Azz's voice has been immortalized on several gold and platinum LP's. How did an MC so young gain all of this experience splitting game on the mic? It all began in Long Beach, where the highly acclaimed Bad Azz admits to being somewhat of a cut-up, performing song and dance routines for family and friends back in the days. In fact, the California native was such a character that his grandmother started calling him a little bad ass and the name just stuck from then on. Ironically, the same smart mouth that caused him a gang of trouble with adults actually earned him mad props on the streets as Bad Azz made the switch from dancing and singing to rapping and signifying. During this time, an older Long Beach rapper, Snoop Doggy Dogg, who was a member of a local rap group by the name of 213, was just beginning to get his shine on nationally. Eventually, Bad Azz's rep for laying down tight freestyles would persuade the Dogg Father to put Bad Azz on. As a member of the LBC crew, Bad Azz made his debut on the bumping track, "Beware of My Crew," on the gold-selling Thin Line Between Love and Hate soundtrack, and quickly established himself as an MC to watch. Suddenly, he found himself sought after by every major rapper on the West Coast. After a brief stint on Snoop's Death Row imprint, Doggy Style Records, Bad Azz found himself without a label, but kept busy doing appearances on various projects. Now with his new solo deal with Priority Records, Bad Azz is finally dropping his long-awaited solo LP entitled, Word On Tha Streets, a 15 song set filled with dramatic tales straight from the mean streets of the LBC.

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